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Meet the people who can hone your interview and CV writing skills.

The coaches who work for Graduate Coach.

Meet the Graduate Coach team. Professionals who have the ability to pass on the job clinching skills they learned from their long working lives.

They may come from different walks of life, but they all have one thing in common: an overwhelming ambition to get every graduate they coach into a job and impart the necessary knowledge to achieve that.

Chris Davies

Chris Davies

Founder and Head Coach


“How I went from failure to success.”

My first job after leaving university was at J Walter Thompson, a large multi-national advertising agency. I was a junior account handler.

I was lousy at the job. Not because I wasn’t willing to learn, but because nobody taught me how to do it.

Looking back I reckon I was lucky not to be fired. Not only did I have no idea what I was doing, I didn’t fit in.

All the account men were from public schools. I was a working class boy from Newcastle.

I felt out of place. I wasn’t happy. In fact, I felt an abject failure. Then something happened. I drew inspiration from the reason I had applied to work at JWT in the first place.

I’d been impressed by a book I’d read called ‘What is a Brand?’ written by a man called Stephen King. I had discovered that Stephen was head of planning at JWT. But the job I’d landed was in account handling, not account planning.

So I began to spend more time with the account planners. Immediately, I felt more at home. Like them, I could interpret figures and statistics. This was something the knobs in account handling didn’t seem able to do.

Suddenly, I had a unique skill for an account handler and was transferred onto the Persil business under a sympathetic account director who appreciated my talent. I began to flourish. Rather than a failure I now felt like a success. Which is why I am telling this story.

If you’ve been on the job market for some time you may feel like a failure, too. You may despair of ever getting graduate level work. Please don’t.

My experience taught me it’s always possible to pluck victory from the jaws of defeat. There’s no need to give up hope of being a success.

You just need the right inspiration – and the right person to show you how to do it.

David Taylor

David Taylor

Career Coach Researcher and Marketing Manager


David has worked with Chris for over 20 years. He comes from a marketing and management background and carries out lots of the research work required at Graduate Coach to find graduate internships in London. David helps to make things work with clockwork-like efficiency at Graduate Coach.

Denise Roberts

Denise Roberts

Career Editor and Researcher


Denise has worked with Chris for seven years. She has over 20 years experience managing publishing, marketing and editorial projects from researcher/writer to director level. As a result she has been responsible for recruiting and managing the professional development of staff members. Coupled with this, she has an interest in personal development, has a Certificate in Coaching and speaks at events on the subject of motivation and achievement. She runs a non-profit organisation that helps inspire women to go for their business dreams and teaches on the journalism programme at two leading London universities. She brings this eclectic mix of experience to support Chris as a Career Research Coach for graduates looking for the job of their dreams.

Coaches Profile

Tony Regan

Consultant Coach – Media and Advertising


Tony works in strategic communications planning – consumer-focused, insight-led, ideas-centric and effectiveness-driving – consulting for clients, agencies, research providers and media owners.

As a pioneering communications strategist over the past 20 years Tony has helped to build some of the most innovative agencies in the advertising and media disciplines – including HHCL, Michaelides & Bednash, PHD and Nylon. Joining Initiative Media in 2007, he became Chief Strategy Officer, before leaving to set up in consultancy in early 2013. He is a champion of consumer insight and communications integration, whose agency experience bridges the disciplines of creative, media, research and digital; and a wide variety of clients across diverse sectors.

He has been a convenor of the Media Circle Planning Course, Treasurer of the APG, Member of the IPA’s Behavioural Economics Task Force and awards judge for the APG, Media Week and Campaign. In 2008 he was elected a Fellow of the IPA.

Other Coaches

  • Travis Leon

    Financial Markets Coach

  • Mike Everett

    Creative Director, Marketing Communications Coach

  • Mimi Kalema

    Third Party Relationship Manager