General Questions relating to Graduate Coaching
What is a graduate coach?

A graduate coach is someone who helps you to land a graduate level job and then to succeed in that job. Graduate coaches help people to understand their unique mix of skills, interests and values and then to find suitable jobs and industries that match. They then help people to present the best version of themselves in the form of CVs, cover letters and at interviews. Once a job has been secured, graduate coaches help people to perform to a high standard in their jobs, to attract progression opportunities.

We have a variety of services to suit every pocket. To find out more about our prices, please see Our Fees.

We offer services in the following:

  • Landing the right job/career to suit your unique strengths, interests and values.
  • Boosting your confidence, helping you persevere and maintain self-belief.
  • CVs, cover letters, LinkedIn re-writes and advice to land interviews.
  • How and where to find the right jobs, faster.
  • Achieving interview success, how to beat the competition.
  • Improving job performance, passing probation and getting promoted.

This depends on your unique situation. Some graduates only require 3-4 sessions with us to learn what they need to land a great job. Others require more help and guidance to find the right job for them and will need a number of sessions to make the progress required.

Our success stories include a large number of The Times Top 100 employers. More information can be found on Our Successes page.

We are based in Victoria, London.

A coaching session will normally comprise of periods of self reflection coupled with learning key insights into how to present the best version of yourself. We will help you to understand your ideal career, then will coach you in how to land a job in that area. 1-2-1 coaching sessions tend to be highly enjoyable; a chance to really explore who you are and our graduates find the session very enlightening.

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Career coaches focus on your life within work. They help you to find the best environment for your career to thrive and help you with day to day issues that you might face at work.

Life coaches focus on work but also focus on your activity outside of work.


Our USP is that we help graduates to find a job and career that matches their interests, values and unique skills. We then support them to land a great graduate job in that area. Lastly, we mentor each graduate through their first job to help them progress quickly. On some occasions, graduates have kept in touch with us for many years afterwards and we have helped them move to new companies for better opportunities.

Building the confidence of our graduates is one of our main selling points. Every graduate we meet has skills and natural abilities that they were not aware of or didn’t realise how valuable they are to employers. In addition, we build confidence by teaching interview technique that brings interview success.

Career coaching is a relatively modern concept but consider this; if you want to learn a musical instrument, you employ a music teacher. If you want to learn to drive, you hire a driving instructor and so forth. A graduate coach is no different, we teach you the skills you need to embark on a successful and fulfilling career.

Yes, we have many reviews on Google which are highly positive. Also, check out Our Successes page.

We have helped parents with their careers, such as parents returning to work or with promotions and new jobs. It is not our core offering but there is a lot of cross-over, so contact us today to discuss.

Yes, we coach many of our graduates by Skype and telephone, so even if you live outside of London you can still get the help you need to land a graduate job.

There are free resources online, but the quality of these resources can be questionable. We have read and seen misleading content available online which can confuse graduates. Our reputation shows that we understand the industry and you can trust our judgement. That is why it is worth investing in us to yield great results.

Recent Graduates

We help graduates between 1 month to 3 years outside of university, so yes, we can help you to get a graduate level job. On some occasions we help graduates who have started the wrong career for their skills and interests. It’s never too late to learn which industries would suit you and how to land a job, so call us to discuss further.

There are plenty of graduate level jobs that require a 2:2 or above, so keep applying. For anyone who struggled at university, this may be because you are more suited to the world of work than the world of education. The important thing is to find your ideal career and industry, then work out the route to get there.

We can. We offer bespoke packages and payment plans to match anyone’s budget. As well, we have free resources online and two resource books for those who want to test the waters.Click here to learn more about our books.

You will have picked up many transferable skills whilst studying for a vocational degree. These transferable skills will be suited to alternative job choices. We can help you to explore your unique abilities to discover what would suit you. We have helped many people to completely change their career plan and path, so get in touch.

The chances are you dislike your graduate scheme because it doesn’t match your interests. You would be better off finding a job you enjoyed, and your performance in that job would also improve as a result. We are happy to help, so please get in touch.

Current UK Students

The earlier that students come to us the better. Once we have understood your unique mix of strengths, interests and values, we build a career plan to cover the next few years.

Gathering work experience and internships during the university holidays will dramatically increase your chances of landing a great graduate job upon graduation. We help and coach you to build the right experience for your future career.

The Student Book by Chris Davies covers a lot of these points and is a must-read for any student currently at university.

Yes, the skills that you need to acquire to land a 12-month placement are very similar to those needed to land a graduate job.

These include CVs, cover letters and interview training. These are our core areas of expertise, so we can help you there.

Yes, once you are in your final year then you are ready to start applying for jobs. We build a plan in terms of what jobs would suit you best, create a great CV and help you to perfect your cover letter technique.

We also have an online course to help you with online interviewing, which can be supported by our 1-2-1 interview training.

You can still get a graduate job. You may have gathered transferable skills via your degree, hobbies, extra-curricular activities. Or you can start with internships and work experience, to build the experience you need to land a graduate level job.

We always encourage people to start graduate coaching as early as possible, ideally from the first year of university. It may only require you to read The Student Book and have a couple of one-hour sessions a year to make the plan required.

The earlier we speak with you, the earlier we can establish what career would suit you and then create a plan in terms of how to achieve a graduate job in this area.

Yes! There are many reviews from our customers available on Our Successes.

Yes, we can help. We can help you to choose a course that matches your interests and values but is also suited to give you great career prospects for the future.

We work with you to fully establish your unique mix of strengths, interests and values. We will then discuss a number of career options that match with your preferences. By exploring a number of career options, applying for some positions and attending some interviews, it soon becomes very clear what would make each person happy in terms of a job.

The key is to find the ideal match in terms of a career that will bring you long-term fulfilment — this is why we exist.

Yes. We will carefully consider the benefits of taking a masters with you. We will explore how the masters impacts on your career options, if at all. This will arm you with the necessary information required to make the right decision for your future.

Yes. A career in accountancy is not out of the question. In fact, last year we helped a graduate in a similar situation to land a great job in an accountancy company.

This is our bread and butter. Our success stories include graduates who have landed a job at many of the Times Top 100 brands, so we have experience in this area. We understand the individual companies and what they look for, and help you tailor your application and interview preparation accordingly.

A great CV not only gets you through to interview stage, it also prepares you for the interview itself. We create CVs which are specifically tailored to you, so that you have an authentic document which details your unique strengths and skills. This will boost your confidence as well as increase the chances of landing interviews.

Yes, in fact we have coached graduates around the world successfully using software like Skype. Technology has helped us to achieve great things remotely with graduates, so get in touch to book in your Skype call!

You can and you should try too. Our company exists because students are not engaging with their careers service or the quality of career guidance from university is perceived to be lacking. You should reach out to your careers service as we do hear good things about how some universities help. If you are not happy with the service, we are your next port of call.

Career Changers & Experienced Hires

Yes, and we get a lot of requests like this. We will help you find your true career calling via our services that we bring to the table. We have up-to-date knowledge of UK industries and can help guide you to the right jobs to apply for, then of course we will support you to interview at these jobs.

We have helped a large number of our graduates to negotiate pay rises. People generally don’t like discussing pay rises and promotions, so we will reduce the stress involved and help you to build a watertight argument which supports the pay rise or promotion.

We can help to refresh your CV and your interview technique. We can also highlight what skills you have gathered over the last few years that will be valuable on the market.

PR & Press

Yes, we have done this before and are happy to do it again. We know how graduates think and what environments they need in order to thrive.

We are always happy to work with members of the press as well as bloggers, companies and organisations who are interested in our help to produce content or to comment on stories related to graduate recruitment. Please get in touch with us here.

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Our professional coaches provide career advice and coaching for new graduates, helping you to achieve your full potential. We are experts in full career and 1-2-1 interview coaching, conducted face-to-face, via video calls or online.

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