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Why there’s a need for graduate coaching

Education’s all very well, but it doesn’t teach graduates how to get a job.

It’s a distressing statistic, but 51 per cent of graduates cannot find graduate level jobs.
If you’re the parent of a graduate who’s in this unfortunate position, that fact will no doubt disturb you.
Yet, despite what the papers may lead you to believe, it’s not because the jobs aren’t there.
Thousands of vacancies exist for university leavers.

But time and time again, graduates find themselves unable to climb on that all-important first rung of the jobs ladder.
They struggle to get interviews. And, when they do, they flunk them. Why?
The reason is simple. For all their education, graduates have never been taught the most fundamental lesson of all:
how to go about getting a job.

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Where to turn for graduate career coaching

If universities don’t teach graduates how to get jobs, who does?

I do. My name is Chris Davies, CEO of Graduate Coach.
My team and I have been coaching graduates how to get graduate level jobs for quite a few years now.
And, so far, every graduate we’ve coached – over 80 to date – has landed a graduate level job. That’s a 100 per cent success rate.

So what qualifies me to do this – to train graduates to pass the most important test of their life, landing their first job?
Quite, simply, experience. I worked in the cut and thrust of the world of advertising.
Month after month, year after year, I learned how to pitch ideas to prospective clients,
how to impress them, how to gain their confidence, how to win their business.
It taught me that every meeting, every action, even what you wear, counts towards your success.
And, I have to tell you that impressing prospective employers is no different.

Chris Davies - Graduate Coach