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For the past nine years, we have been proud to have helped over 5,000 UK and international students and graduates turn their degrees into careers. That is why we are Britain’s number 1 graduate coaching company.

It’s a
distressing statistic, but % of graduates never land a graduate
level job


If you’re a graduate or the parent of a graduate who’s in this unfortunate position, that fact will no doubt disturb you.

Yet, despite what the papers may lead you to believe, it’s not because the jobs aren’t there. Thousands of vacancies exist for graduates.

But time and time again, graduates find themselves unable to climb onto that all-important first rung of the jobs ladder. They struggle to get interviews. And, when they do, they flunk them. Why?

The reason is simple. For all their education, graduates have never been taught the most fundamental lesson of all: how to go about getting a job. That’s why Chris Davies founded Graduate Coach, so that graduates could learn how to land graduate level jobs.


Chris realised that every graduate was experiencing the same oversights and obstacles in their search for a job:

Strong competition

Students and graduates underestimate the high level of competitiveness that they will face for a great job.

Coaching is essential

Students (and their parents) are unaware that career coaching is as essential as academic, artistic or sports coaching.

Career choice

Students often don’t know what career will be best suited to their interests and strengths.

That was just over seven years ago. Since then Chris and his fellow coaches have helped over 5000 graduates fulfill their dream of landing the right graduate level job.

These successful young people have learnt that getting a degree doesn’t guarantee getting a job. There is another step in the process to turn your hard-won degree into a dream job: coaching. That’s what we’re here to do.

It is not an overnight process and it calls for dedication, commitment and hard work on the part of the graduate and, often, support from their parents. But, at the end of it, every graduate coached by us has achieved graduate level employment.


If you are a graduate who wants to get ahead in your career, get in touch with us today and let us help you turn your degree into a graduate level job.

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