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How to get a graduate job

Learning how to write a CV that will prove effective and developing the interview skills needed to secure your dream job can be challenging, to say the least. In partnership with social learning platform, FutureLearn, Graduate Coach has launched an online course, How to get a Graduate Job. This course addresses these issues by allowing you to follow recent graduates through the job application process. Understanding the detail of journeys such as these will teach you much of what there is to know about the market for graduate jobs.

How to Get a Graduate Job

The Student Book and The Graduate Book
£7.99 / £17.99

These books are invaluable aids to preparing for entry into the jobs market and making a success of a job once you land it. Specifically, The Student Book deals with the foundations a student should lay down while at university for successful job seeking after graduation. It also sets out the nine key skills employers seek when hiring. The Graduate Book suggests steps graduates should take and techniques they should employ to ensure career success. Additionally, it highlights 13 key lessons learnt by Chris Davies, during his own career progression.


Nail that interview

Nail that Interview is an online course that condenses and passes on our learning from 20,000 hours of one-to-one coaching conducted over eight years. Suitable for students, graduates, job changers and those returning to work, it is the next best thing to being personally coached by us. In fact, we believe it to be the best job interview coaching available online, so much so that it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. And it now includes unique practice videos to help you sharpen up your interview technique even more.

Nail that Interview

Craft your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile

This programme is invaluable if you wish to bring your CV and other expressions of what you have to offer employers up to scratch. As well as an industry standard CV, it will provide you with cover letters and a fully completed LinkedIn profile. You will also undertake a high level audit of your skills, to better understand in which industries you should pursue employment. This programme also includes one-to-one coaching, so you will also receive expert advice tailored to your requirements, further enhancing your CV.

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Discover your career path

This programme is dedicated to discovering which career will suit you best. To this end, you will be asked to undertake an audit of your skills. This will accurately tell you which sort of job in which sort of industry you should seek. The audit will also highlight any skills that require brushing up in order to reach top form. Added to that, you will receive personal one-to-one coaching to make absolutely certain that you are on the right track to secure a job that is of suitable degree level.

Discover your Career Path


Our interview-coaching is a two stage process. First, you buy our Nail that interview online course. Then, when you have completed this course, we begin the coaching sessions, either one-to-one in our London office or virtually. For a standalone one hour coaching session the price is £250 per hour. Most graduates find interviews nerve-racking. We are expert at enabling even very nervous grads become interview confident.

Nail your Interview

Digital Marketing Internship

Even companies outside of the tech sector demand high digital competency – and the tech sector itself is growing exponentially. Which is why this course, the first of its kind, is a godsend for those wishing to enter the contemporary workplace. You will gain industry recognised certifications, digital marketing experience through practical assignments, a transformed CV and one-to one coaching sessions, either at our London office or virtually. These sessions will relate to your chosen digital stream: SEO, PPC, marketing, business or data analysis. As befits a digital programme, this course is also available online.

Digital Marketing Internship

Six stage coaching programme, with a guaranteed job on completion

This programme is our gold standard offering. And, at the end of it we guarantee you a graduate level job. This is why we only charge £9,000 on commencement, the balance to be paid when you are offered a graduate level position. The programme provides regular and intense one-to-one coaching and includes in full our digital marketing internship as part of the package. Furthermore, it continues to offer benefits after you start work by giving you free mentoring for the first two years of your career – important, because these years are fundamental for future success.


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