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The price of coaching and why it’s worth every penny.

Parents who are considering enrolling their son or daughter in the Graduate Coach programme may hesitate at paying even more money, when they have already invested in school and university tuition fees. Likewise, graduates who have got into debt by attending university may not wish to make a further financial commitment. Both reactions are entirely understandable, but our experience shows that an investment in coaching can make all the difference between landing a graduate level job or not.

So, what is the cost?

It depends on how much help you think you need and for how long you think you need it. For example, you may just wish to develop an effective CV. Or, perhaps you consider that improving your interview skills will land you a decent job. Generally, £250 an hour will cover this stage. Or, you might want to spend a bit more money, and opt for a combination of the two. Whichever of these you choose, fees include access to many of Graduate Coach’s unique online learning tools and instructive videos.

Bespoke Programmes

We can also create a more extensive bespoke programme that embodies more elements of our full coaching programme.

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The Complete Course: six stages of coaching

At first sight, our full six-stage coaching programme at £18,000 may seem a bit steep. But consider this. Every graduate who has undertaken this programme has gone on to be offered a graduate level position. That’s 420 so far. In fact, we’re so confident in our six-stage programme that we guarantee a graduate level job to every candidate who signs up for it. Not only that, but we only ask for half the fee up front, £9,000. Only when the graduate is hired for a full-time graduate level job will we invoice the second £9,000. What’s more, those who opt for our full programme will benefit from free Graduate Coach mentoring during the first two years of their career. This is important because the first couple of years lay the foundations for success in the future.

Prices at a glance

Interview Coaching
£249 ‘Nail that Interview’ online course plus
£250 per hour
(The average cost is between £1000 and £1500).

Discover your Career Path

Digital Internship

Bespoke Coaching Programme, using some but not all six stages. Please contact us.
Price On Application.

Complete Six-stage Job Guaranteed Coaching Programme, including three years of career mentoring.
£9,000 on commencement
£9,000 on success

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Our professional coaches provide career advice and coaching for new graduates, helping you to achieve your full potential. We are experts in full career and interview coaching, conducted face-to-face, via Skype or online.

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