28 Technology Graduate Schemes [Ultimate Guide]

Oct 20, 2019

Are you hoping to secure a place on a competitive technology graduate scheme? 

This ultimate guide to tech grad schemes will help you to make informed decisions and boost your chances of making a successful application. 

We’ll cover everything you need to know from what companies offer technology graduate schemes, to what you can do to stand out for the right reasons. 

What is a technology graduate scheme?  

A technology graduate scheme is a structured training program for graduates that will involve learning about and working on technology-related projects. 

Technology is a broad term so the roles you could do within a technology graduate scheme varies. 

Generally, graduates will be hired to help with projects related to digital transformation or creating technical solutions. 

Graduate schemes typically last 1-3 years although some last longer. 

Check out our post called “what is a graduate scheme” for more information.

Entry requirements for tech graduate schemes 

The entry requirements for technology graduate schemes will vary amongst companies. 

Some will require graduates to have studied a specific degree related to science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM). 

Whilst others will welcome applications from a wide range of degree subjects. 

Generally, graduate recruiters for tech graduate schemes will ask for a 2:1 classification. However, some will have 2:2 as their minimum academic requirement. 

Which companies offer Technology graduate schemes? 

Graduate recruiters across several industries take on graduates every year to join their technology teams.

We have put together a handy list of companies that have technology graduate programmes, to help you with your job search.

Here are some of the best technology graduate schemes in the UK:

1. PwC

PwC hires a large number of graduates every year for their grad schemes. They take on associates in their technology consulting division to help organisations to develop strategies to transform their technology capabilities and solve critical problems. 

PwC has opportunities for graduates to work in Cybersecurity, Data and analytics, Forensic tech, HR tech, technology consulting and more.

Find out more about the opportunities in tech for graduates at PwC.

2. EY  

The technology teams at EY combine digital know-how with advanced tech to help clients with their digital transformation.

At EY, graduates can choose from the following divisions within tech: 

  • Cybersecurity 
  • IT Risk and Assurance 
  • FTDS
  • Transactions 

Find out more about the technology graduate schemes at EY.

3. Deloitte

There is a wide range of technology grad schemes on offer at Deloitte, for example, technology consulting, Risk analytics, Robotics and analytics and software development. 

Find out more about joining Deloitte as a technology grad.

4. Sky

The technology graduate scheme at Sky is rotational giving grads the opportunity to gain a varied experience. Watch the video below to find out more about Sky’s technology graduate scheme.

Find out more about the technology rotational graduate programme at Sky.

5. Tesco

Tesco offers a technology graduate programme. On the programme, grads can expect to plan, coordinate and roll-out technology solutions.

On this programme, you will get the opportunity to work collaboratively with multiple teams to deliver solutions to customers.

Find out more about the technology graduate programme at Tesco.

6. Barclays

There are a number of tech roles at Barclays, from technology analyst to full-time developer.

Find out more about graduate opportunities at Barclays.

7. FDM

FDM has a technology training programme for graduates that aims to bridge the gap between academia and the commercial world.

Graduates who opt for the technology stream will be able to choose from: software development, software testing, business intelligence, technical operations and more.

Once trained, graduates are then placed to work with their clients.

Find out more about career opportunities with FDM.

8. RBS

RBS has a software engineering graduate programme that covers many areas of its technology business. Watch the video below to find out more about this programme.

Find out more about the software engineering early careers programme at RBS.

9. MI5

The MI5 runs a technology graduate development programme which gives grads the experience, knowledge and skills to become an effective technology professional. If you have a minimum of a 2:2 degree in any subject and a passion for technology, you can apply.

Find out more about the TGDP at MI5.

10. London Stock Exchange Group

On the London Stock exchange technology graduate programme, candidates undertake 6-month rotations across the group.

They are keen to take graduates from a broad range of degree disciplines who can demonstrate their aptitude, analytical ability and aptitude.

Find out more about the technology graduate programme at lseg.

11. Accenture

Accenture offers the technology delivery graduate programme. On this programme, graduates can choose between two specialisms: software engineering or client delivery.

On both programmes, grads will get the opportunity to work with clients to help deliver projects.

Find out more about the graduate schemes on offer at Accenture.

12. IBM

On the technology consulting programme at IBM, you will join as an associate consultant for two years.

During this time, you will utilise your excellent people skills to bridge the gap between technology and users.

Find out more about technology consulting at IBM.

13. HSBC

Graduates on HSBC’s two-year technology graduate programme will help to develop technologies that improve the way that the company serves its customers.

They are looking for graduates with a keen interest in technology, preferably with a computer science background or a related degree that had technology-related modules such as engineering or maths.

Find out more about the tech grad scheme HSBC.

14. BT

The rotational technology graduate scheme at BT gives graduates the opportunity to build a broad skill set by working across functions such as IT, dynamic infrastructure and more.

Over the two years on BT’s tech graduate programme, you’ll develop software skills, network skills and technical consultancy skills.

Find out more about the technology graduate scheme at BT.

15. Virgin Media

The technology and innovation graduate scheme at Virgin Media allows graduates to complete four six-month rotations, gaining lots of exposure across the business.

Virgin Media are looking for graduates with a 2:1 or higher in a STEM subject.

Find out more about the technology and innovation graduate scheme at Virgin Media.

16. Shell

The Information Technology graduate programme at Shell is rotational in nature and lasts for three years.

Shell is looking for graduates who can demonstrate their teamwork skills, commercial aptitude, and problem-solving skills.

Find out more about the Information Technology graduate programme at Shell.

17. KPMG

As a technology and engineering graduate at KPMG, you’ll gain access to the tools and training that you’ll need to deliver quality results across diverse client projects. You will also gain the opportunity to earn technology-specific accreditations that are relevant to your programmes such as through AWS, Google and Microsoft.

Find out more about graduate roles in tech and engineering at KPMG.

18. Capgemini

Capgemini offer a broad range of technology-related roles for graduates. Some examples include:

  • Graduate technical specialist
  • Graduate test specialist
  • Graduate technical consultant

Whether you studied a technical degree and wish to become a technical specialist or you are a tech enthusiast who wants to work with tech but not build it, there’s plenty of opportunities at Capgemini.

Graduate technical roles at Capgemini
Graduate technology consulting roles at Capgemini

19. Morrisons

Morrisons offers a 2-year Technology and Digital scheme. Grads on this scheme will get the opportunity to work across various departments including: eCommerce, marketing and technology whilst getting “first-class training”

Eligible graduates will have:

  • A 2:1 degree
  • graduated within the past 2 years either from their undergraduate studies or their Master’s
  • A passion for technology
  • Strong communication, analysis and problem-solving skills
  • A full UK driving license

Find out more about the technology scheme for graduates at Morrisons

20. Civil Service

The Civil Service offers graduates a 4-year Digital, Data and Technology scheme.

Your role will give you the opportunity to help to make the government services easy to use and relevant to the ever-changing needs of users.

On the scheme, you’ll receive training in areas including user research, agile working, design principles, product management, data analysis and more.

Find out more about the Digital, Data and Technology scheme.

21. Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank offers a technology graduate programme. Applicants are not required to have a technical background. So if you have a non-technical degree but have a passion for technology, a desire to learn quickly and excellent communication skills, you may be interested in this opportunity.

Find out more about Deutsche bank’s technology graduate scheme

22. FCA

The Financial Conduct Authority offers graduates a Technology and Change programme to graduates who are analytical, collaborative, commercial-minded, innovative and passionate about change. On this programme, you’ll rotate around three different divisions in the business and will gain exposure to complex business problems.

Find out more about early careers at The FCA

23. Vodafone

Vodafone is looking for innovation leaders who embrace new technologies and who are continuously learning.

The technology graduate scheme at Vodafone allows graduates to pick which area they wish to specialise in. This may be software engineering, Network engineering, Security or Big data, insights and analytics.

This technology graduate scheme is suitable with graduates who have a 2:1 degree in a technology-related subject such as: computer science, electrical engineering, telecommunications, mathematics, data science, AI/robotics, software engineering, Big data, security or information technology.

Find out more about the graduate programmes at Vodafone.

24. Investec

Investec’s Technology Graduate Programme is for entrepreneurial graduates who have a passion for technology.

Applications open in September, and students/graduates will need to complete a video interview, a technical assessment and an assessment day. Offers are usually made in December.

Find out more about Investec’s Technology Graduate Programme.

25. Royal Mail

The Royal Mail offers a 2-year technology graduate scheme that allows graduates to complete 2-3 rotations in disciplines including:

  • Data Science – where you’ll learn R and Python
  • Data engineering – where you’ll use GCP tools and DevOps practices for rapid deployments
  • Project Management – where you’ll build and own projects
  • Development and test – where you’ll design code and test software
  • Business Analysis – where you’ll run test scenarios
  • Service delivery – where you’ll ensure all IT services are supported and ready to go live.

The starting salary is £27k plus performance-related bonuses.

The Royal Mail are looking for graduates with a minimum of a 2:1 degree in a STEM-related subject. Successful candidates will also have an analytical mind and an awareness of agile methodologies and frameworks.

Find out more about the technology graduate scheme at The Royal Mail.

26. Computershare

Computershare is searching for graduates who have a passion for technology to join their Global Development team.

The programme lasts for 2 years and will give graduates the experience of working in an agile environment with rotations every six months as a software developer, test analyst and business analyst.

Find out more about the Computershare technology graduate scheme.

27. GSK

GSK is looking for “ambitious graduates with great technology skills”. If you studied a technology-related subject or maths, science or engineering, you might be interested in the technology graduate scheme at GSK.

Find out more about the technology graduate programme at GSK.

28. FTI Consulting

The technology team at FTI Consulting help clients to identify, collect, analyse, and review electronic documents and data to locate the key evidence.

On FTI’s technology consultant graduate scheme, you’ll work side-by-side with experts on a wide variety of complex and high-profile projects.

If you have a 2:1 degree from a top university in subjects such as computer forensics, computer science, law, business information systems or engineering.

Find out more about the technology graduate scheme at FTI Consulting.

Career progression from tech grad schemes  

Successfully completing a technology graduate scheme will set you up for a great career in or related to tech. 

As graduate schemes have structured training, you’ll gain a wealth of skills and experiences that are highly transferable for other roles. 

After your graduate scheme has finished, you may be offered a full-time permanent position within the company or you may decide to move to another company.  

Starting salaries for graduates on technology graduate schemes 

On average, starting salaries for graduates on technology graduate schemes range from £22,000 to £30,000. 

This will vary depending on the company and the industry. 

Whilst starting salary is likely to be a key factor when applying for graduate schemes, it is important to take into consideration several other factors. Doing so will help you to secure the right role for you. 

What to do if you don’t get offers for technology graduate schemes

Technology graduate schemes are highly competitive. Therefore, if you don’t get a place the first time around, you could always apply again the following year. 

If you have been unsuccessful in getting a technology grad scheme, you’ll have a year to improve your application. We can help to boost your chances the second time around. 

Find out how we can help you with our one-to-one graduate career coaching programme.

Alternatively, there are training schemes that have been designed to train graduates and teach them the tech skills they need to get a tech-related role. 

An example of a program like this is QA’s Graduate Academy. They offer a 12-week training programme where you have the opportunity to develop and learn tech skills. Upon successful completion of the training, you’ll do a work placement to further develop your tech skills. 

You’ll get training in one of the following specialisms: 

  • DevOps 
  • Big Data
  • App and Web Development 
  • Cloud computing 
  • Cyber Security 
  • Enterprise middleware 

Mthree also trains graduates who are looking to develop their skills in areas such as software development, production support, DevOps engineering, cyber and information technology and more.

Turing Talent matches companies with tech talent. They offer graduates technical and professional training, the opportunity to work at leading global companies, networking opportunities and more.

Tips for graduates with a non-tech background 

A background in technology, coding or maths isn’t essential. Many firms like to take on graduates from a diverse range of degree subjects. 

This is because people from different backgrounds bring diverse perspectives and solve problems in different ways. 

If you do not have a technology background, it is vital that you can 

  • Demonstrate that you have a genuine interest in technology.
  • Show that you have the technical ability required.
  • Explain how you would use logic and creativity to solve complex problems. 
  • Keep up to date with technological advances. 
  • Demonstrate how you can add value with your non-tech degree 
  • Graduate employers will look for key skills such as communication, teamwork, organisation ability to use your initiative and more so make sure that you are able to demonstrate these skills. 

There are some tech grad schemes that have been designed for graduates who don’t want to create technical solutions or gain a technological skillset but who want to work with tech. 

For example, at Capgemini, there are graduate roles in technology consulting which are ideal for candidates who are tech enthusiasts who want to work with technology but not build it. 

General technical graduate scheme application tips 

It’s great that you know that you would like to pursue a technology career!

You’re probably wondering what you can do to boost your chances of making a successful application and getting an offer. 

Here are some tips for your tech grad scheme application: 

  • Write an achievement-based CV, and showcase your work experience to date.
  • Practice psychometric tests online. Almost all technology graduate schemes will ask applicants to take a series of psychometric tests in the initial stages of the application process.

    If you do not pass these psychometric tests, you’ll be immediately screened out of the process.

    To ensure that you do not fall at the first hurdle, make sure that you practice psychometric tests online under timed conditions.

  • Understand the culture of the company. Regardless of the role, you are applying for, in the early stages, the graduate recruiters will want to know if you would make a good fit for the company culture.

    They may assess this early on in the application process by asking you to complete a situational judgement test. Before you complete the situational judgement test, be sure to read the companies mission, values and employee attributes.

    Again, if you do not pass the situational judgement test, you may be screened out before you get the chance to demonstrate your technical ability.
  • Get some interview training.  As a part of the application process, you’ll probably be asked to complete a video interview and/ or a face-to-face interview.

    You will also need to pass technology assessment centres where you will need to demonstrate your passion for tech as well as your problem-solving ability, numerical skills, commercial awareness and ability to work collaboratively in a team

    If you really want to perform highly in these interviews, consider getting a graduate coach for some interview training

Women in technology

Are you a female looking to pursue a career in tech?

Whilst technology is a rapidly growing industry it is often not the first choice career for female graduates. 

Here are some top women in tech tips: 

  • Find out as much as you can about the industry
  • Attend Women in technology networking events
  • Demonstrate a genuine passion for technology
  • Gain work experience 

We hope that this guide helps you to find your dream graduate programme in a tech role. 

Check out our guide on when to apply for graduate schemes.

If you would like any support with your technology graduate scheme applications, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!  We’ll help you to turn your degree into a graduate job!

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