How to Pass Graduate Aptitude Tests [Ultimate Guide]

Feb 15, 2020

If you are a student or graduate on the hunt for a graduate-level job, you’ll want to know how to smash your graduate aptitude tests!

The good news is if you are willing to put the work in, you can get really good at successfully completing online aptitude tests. 

In this article, we will share everything you need to know about aptitude tests so that you boost your chances of getting your dream graduate job. 

We have collaborated with Practise Aptitude Tests, a platform that allows students and graduates to practise numerical, verbal, diagrammatic and situational tests.  

What are Aptitude Tests? 

Aptitude Tests are a standardised way of assessing a candidate’s cognitive abilities, personality, knowledge & also how they would potentially react in different situations within the workplace.

Aptitude Tests in the Graduate Recruitment Process 

How to Pass Graduate Aptitude Tests

The application process for graduate schemes and jobs usually involve several stages as illustrated above. The exact process will vary depending on the company. 

Generally, if the company asks you to complete aptitude tests, it will be after they have reviewed your initial application form. 

If you pass the aptitude test the next stage of the graduate recruitment process might involve completing a telephone interview, video interview or assessment centre. 

Why Graduate Employers use Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests offer an accurate and consistent insight of the candidate, without requiring the time-consuming task of a face-to-face interview at earlier stages. 

Aptitude Tests and the diverse shapes and sizes they come in, allow employers to discover ‘raw’ talent, in other words, one’s innate traits and natural abilities, that would be a good fit for the role; this is ultimately most valuable to those without years of work experiences. 

Therefore, graduate aptitude tests are usually used in early-career recruitment, for example, insight days, internships, graduate schemes and at times, even for part-time roles; across many industries, including business and management, finance, consultancy, technology and even healthcare.  

How are aptitude tests scored?

There are 2 main ways that aptitude tests are scored:

  • Raw aptitude scores
  • Comparative aptitude scores 

A raw score will present how you performed as a percentage. Comparative aptitude scores compare your score to the scores of the other people who took the test. 

The Different Types of Aptitude Tests

How to Pass Graduate Aptitude Tests

Depending on the industry you are going into, the types of tests you take will vary. For example, a technology graduate scheme might expect you to demonstrate your knowledge of coding languages and consequently, a more specific test relevant to the field will be used. However, generally, Aptitude Tests include:

  • Numerical Reasoning tests – judging your ability to deal with numbers accurately
  • Verbal Reasoning tests – testing your understanding and comprehension skills
  • Situational Judgment tests  – assessing how you approach workplace situations
  • Diagrammatic Reasoning tests  – measuring your logical thinking and ability to derive meanings from patterns

Graduate Aptitude Test Tips 

The graduate job market is extremely competitive. There is an overabundance of academically qualified candidates with educated to degree level. 

Therefore, graduate recruiters must use a variety of techniques to identify the best candidates. 

Graduate aptitude tests are not easy. Without adequate preparation, it can be extremely difficult to pass them.  Here are some tips on how to pass graduate aptitude tests:

  1. A strategic way to start is by finding out who your test provider or publisher is. When starting your online application with a company, you will receive an invitation link via email to start taking their tests, and this should show you what website is hosting your tests. Some popular publishers are Cubiks, TalentLens, cutE, Saville and many more.
  2. The next step would be to find some quiet, uninterrupted time and space, to practice the types of tests you are required to do, on both Practice Aptitude Tests and the provider’s website, if possible; to grasp how things work and to be prepared for potential time pressure.

  3. Practice completing the aptitude tests under timed conditions as the real tests will be timed. Doing this will help you to work quickly and accurately under the pressure of a time limit.

  4. Focus on your weaknesses. Practice tests provide you with very detailed feedback and perhaps even your suitability for certain roles; therefore, the final step would be to carefully consider these results from your performance to ensure a thoughtful career decision and to ace your real tests with your dream employers.

  5. Get plenty of rest before taking your aptitude test and ensure that you are adequately hydrated. This will help to boost your concentration levels.

  6. Before sitting the test, make sure that you have all of the required equipment which may include some paper, a pen and a calculator.

  7. Stay calm and read all of the instructions carefully. Ensure that you know how long you have to complete the test and the number of minutes to answer each question. 

Which Graduate Employers ask Candidates to Complete Aptitude Tests? 

Many of The Times Top 100 graduate employers ask their potential employees to complete an aptitude or psychometric test. Games-based assessments are also becoming increasingly popular. 

Here are some examples of graduate employers that ask candidates to complete an aptitude test as part of the recruitment process: 

  • PwC – If you are applying for a graduate programme at PwC, you will be required to pass online tests. They have put together some tips on their psychometric e-learn platform.

  • Atos – If you are applying for a graduate scheme at Atos, you will be required to complete an online test. When completing the test, you’ll get the opportunity to do a few practice questions at the start to get used to the format. Find out more about the application process for graduate schemes at Atos here.

Practice Aptitude Tests for your Graduate Applications

Head over to Practice Aptitude Test’s website and have a go at completing some FREE Aptitude Tests! The platform offers hundreds of practice aptitude tests for graduates. 

The more aptitude tests you practise, the better you will perform, as your accuracy speed and confidence will increase. 

Thanks for taking the time to read our post on how to pass graduate aptitude tests! If you have an interview coming up that you really want to pass, check out our online interview course called ‘Nail That Interview’.

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