Benefits of online career counselling for graduates

Sep 15, 2019

Are you unsure of what career is right for you? Do you want to progress rapidly in your career? If the answer to one of those questions is yes, you’ll definitely benefit from some online career counselling

What is online career counselling? 

Online career counselling involves consuming online resources that are designed to help you to secure and thrive in the right job that is tailored to your skills and interests. 

The beauty of online career counselling is that it allows you to digest content at your own pace and reflect upon how you’ll implement what you have learnt. 

What online career counselling resources do you offer at Graduate Coach? 

Here at Graduate Coach, we offer a wide variety of online career counselling resources designed for students, graduates and career changers.

Here’s a list of our online career counselling resources:

The Graduate Coach blog:

We have a wide range of blog posts covering topics relating to interview tips, job applications, career advice and more.

You can check out our blog here

Graduate Coach YouTube channel:

Our YouTube channel has a vast range of videos created by the founder of Graduate Coach, Chris Davies.

Check out our YouTube channel here and don’t forget to subscribe! 


We have two ebooks: The Student Book and The Graduate Book

The Student Book contains everything you need to know to get the job you really want. The Graduate Book outlines everything you need to know to do really well at work. 

Both of these books are available in Kindle and hardback formats. 

Online courses:

We take a two-pronged approach to our career coaching programmes.

Most of our coaching includes an element of online career counselling combined with a face-to-face element. 

The Nail that interview course brings together all the learnings we have gained over the past decade into 8 hours of content.

Find out more about our online interview course here.

Here are some of the benefits of online career counselling.

1: Helps you to discover your career path

Many graduates struggle to find a job after university

One of the reasons why many graduates struggle is because they don’t know what to do after university. 

There are several different graduate job titles on the market and it can become quite confusing if you are not sure of what career path to embark on.

Online counselling sessions can help students, graduates and career changers to discover what career is right for them and help them to make an informed career choice. 

We have an online course called: Discover your career path. The course helps candidates to identify their skills, interests and ambitions and to understand their career typology. 

Here’s a post on how to discover your career path after university that is published on CV-Library.

2: Gain lifelong skills 


-The art of performing highly in interviews is a skill that many people neglect.

-How to identify your skills 

Write an achievement-based CV 

Are all lifelong skills that will be beneficial throughout your entire career and working life.

Many of the candidates who have benefitted from our career counselling online have told us that was a short term investment for long term success.

3: Increases the chance of getting a graduate job

It’s a distressing fact, but 48% of graduates never secure a graduate-level job and remain underemployed.

We conducted some research to identify why graduates struggle to get graduate-level jobs. Here’s what our research uncovered:

-Determining what job they should do

-Writing an effective CV

-Being successful in an interview 

Career counselling is designed to address all of the struggles outlined above and more.

4: Helps you to thrive in the workplace

For many graduates starting their first job after university can be very daunting.

We equip graduates with everything they need to know to perform highly in their career.

If you want to learn how to do really well in the workplace, get yourself a copy of The Graduate Book.

online career counselling

Benefits of online career counselling for graduates: summary

Many students progress through their time in formal education without ever seeing career counsellors. 

Without any guidance, it can be really difficult for grads to navigate different career options.

Through counselling and coaching graduates for the past decade, we have shown how beneficial it can be in helping candidates to thrive in their early careers. 

Find out more about how we have successfully helped 500+ students and graduates over the past decade. 

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