Graduate Coach Hosts a Workshop at Vita Student Edinburgh

Jan 20, 2020

Our founder and head graduate coach, Chris Davies was invited to Vita Student’s Edinburgh location to deliver a workshop to a group of students. 

Vita Student is a student community with a difference. Its mission is to deliver an inspirational community and fuel success as much as the university experience itself. Through business engagement events and online initiatives, Vita Student provides a platform for partner companies to connect with future talent and their students gain access to industry and opportunities to inspire them to succeed. Vita Student helps bright young people to BEGIN BIG. 

The Workshop

On the 20th of November, Chris Davies and René Mance travelled to Vita Student Edinburgh, Scotland via train from London. 

When they arrived, they were welcomed by Grace Thompson the Alumni & Partnerships Manager at Vita Student. They were impressed by the stunning student accommodation and facilities, such as the social spaces and gym equipment. 

Chris delivered the workshop in a communal living space with a big screen to share his presentation.  

During the workshop, Chris covered a wide variety of topics with a core focus on employability skills for graduates

The key takeaways from the workshop were:

  • Academic excellence is not enough 
  • Build employability skills now
  • Demonstrate employability skills at all stages of the recruitment process
  • Learn your career typology and the job titles that will suit you best
  • Do not wait until you graduate to start preparing for your job search

Our Feedback

“Graduate Coach shared expert insights to provide our students with real advice and a constructive action plan to start achieving their career goals, tailored according to course, year of study and future aspirations.” – Grace Thompson Alumni & Partnerships Manager at Vita Student 

Graduate Coach Workshops

We host career coaching workshops on a one-to-one and group basis. These workshops are designed to help students and graduates to discover their career path, gain a deeper understanding of the graduate job market and work out what types of careers will suit them best.

Click here to find out more about our workshops.

Chris Davies delivering a career coaching workshop at Vita Student in Edinburgh.

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