Graduate career training and coaching, from degree to job

What Graduate Coach does in a nutshell: turn degrees into jobs.

The sad fact is that getting a degree doesn’t guarantee getting a job.
And for their part universities offer virtually no help to graduates when it comes to finding work.
In fact, they almost make a virtue of their neglect.
But what’s the point of a degree if you can’t get a graduate level job at the end of it?
None whatsoever, in our view. Which is why we coach graduates to turn their hard-won degrees into dream jobs.

What we do isn’t an overnight process. On average it takes three months to accomplish.
And it calls for dedication and hard work on the part of the student. Not to mention a financial commitment from them or their parents.
But, at the end of it, if past results are anything to go by, graduates we coach are 100 per cent certain to end up with a graduate-level job.

Chris Davies coaching a graduate - Graduate Coach

Interview training and coaching, the methods we use

How Graduate Coach teaches pitch-perfection.

The techniques, hints and suggestions my team and I pass on to our students are gleaned from my long career in advertising.
I know that life’s a pitch – especially when it comes to getting your first job.
As a candidate you must stand out – you must demonstrate that you are the right choice, the only choice – out of dozens of others.
In short, you must pitch for the job. And, in my experience, teaching graduates to do that calls for a three-stage process.