Virtual Graduation Ceremony – Fun Ideas to Make it Memorable

Aug 18, 2021

A  graduation ceremony is a special day in every student’s life, as they celebrate their university achievements and plans for their future career.  Therefore,  universities need to celebrate the last day with their students and give them an inspiring, joyous and motivational farewell. After the hazardous hit of Covid-19, virtual graduation ceremonies have become the norm and are booming worldwide and it can be tricky to present the ‘grand’ ceremony to students on their graduation day virtually via a video conferencing software programme, such as Zoom. 

Here are ideas to add a fun element to your virtual graduation ceremony, so as to ensure it’s  entertaining and memorable.

Fun ideas to make a virtual graduation ceremony memorable for students

1. Create a video montage

While announcing the student’s name, you can make it exciting and engaging by showing a quick video clip of the student on screen.

2. Have Brunch Together

Make the session fun with a virtual brunch that students can share together. This could be a great way for the students to have a final catch up with their peers before they all leave. It will also give graduates a break between the long sessions of the virtual ceremony.

3. Send personalised gifts to students

You can send personalised gifts to graduates to make them feel special. Ask students to open their gifts during the ceremony and let them present their gifts on screen. A personalised gift is sure to make a graduation day special and memorable. 

4. Ask students to dress up

Another way to make virtual graduation ceremonies fun and interactive is to set a particular dress code or maybe even a theme . It will add a unique attribute to your virtual graduation ceremony and let graduates feel more connected while sitting in different parts of the world.

 5.  Include singing and dancing at your virtual graduation ceremony

Play some music and ask students to sing and dance along virtually with their fellow graduates. Allow graduates to have fun for 10 minutes during the virtual ceremony so that graduates  relax and have a laugh together.

6. Organise a virtual photo booth

Who doesn’t love to click and share lots of fun pictures with fellow graduates? Photo booths are more popular than ever, and this is another great way for the grads to capture last memories together. To create a virtual photo booth for your graduation ceremony, ask students to come in a photo frame, and you can take their pictures one at a time.

7. Run a hashtag campaign

If you want participation of students in the virtual graduation ceremony, create a unique hashtag specifically for the event and ask students to upload their pictures or share their experiences while using the hashtag on social media channels. 

8. Display a social media wall

If you want to add a unique experience to your virtual event and make it unforgettable,  create a social media wall by collecting students’ social media posts and creating a collective representation of social media posts like a social wall. Or you can also display the live hashtag feeds that your students uploaded in real-time.

9. Play Games

Another suggestion to make your virtual graduation ceremony more entertaining and interactive is to play games. For example trivia games, finding a similar colour item in the home, or making a two-minute craft.


I hope you find these exciting ideas useful for making a virtual graduation ceremony memorable. You can use all of these ideas or pick a selection of ideas. It will add more fun and entertainment to the virtual graduation ceremony!

So, let’s make this a part of your virtual graduation ceremony and say a memorable goodbye to fellow graduates!

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