How we helped a History graduate to land a job in Shipbroking

Nov 6, 2020

Are you hoping to secure a place on a shipbroking graduate scheme?

If so, keep reading. We will share an inspiring story of how we helped a graduate to successfully land a graduate position within the shipbroking industry.

What is shipbroking?

Shipbroking is a financial service that is part of the global shipping industry.

Shipbrokers are specialist negotiators between shipowners and the charterers who use ships to transport cargo, or between the buyers and sellers of vessels.

Becoming a shipbroker

Shipbroking is a complex profession. There are no formal qualifications required for entry-level positions however, you will need to be able to demonstrate that you have several skills and attributes. You will also be expected to possess a solid understanding of the shipbroking industry.

Being a business-minded individual with an entrepreneurial flair will be looked upon favourably in a shipbroking role. This is because you will need to work directly with clients and have a strong work ethic.

Skills and attributes required

When applying for a role in shipbroking, you should demonstrate these skills throughout the entire application process:

  • Negotiation and influencing skill
  • Teamwork skills
  • Lateral thinking skills
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of shipbroking and the industry
  • Commercial awareness

“You will need to demonstrate that you have what it takes to become a successful broker, which will start with the first impression you make with your application. Our interviewing panel is keenly aware of the particular “it” factor they seek during the selection process.”

Bob Knight, COO, Clarksons

How we helped a graduate to get a job in shipbroking

Here at Graduate Coach, we help students, graduates and career changers to secure good graduate jobs.

We do this by offering a range of products and services that are designed to give individuals everything they need to know to get the jobs they really want.

Here’s an account from a History graduate that we helped to get a job in shipbroking.

“I had a focus on what I wanted to do, but knew that I would need to be upskilled on the technical and digital aspect of things for when I delved back into the job market.

I discovered Chris during some research and although unsure of what to think he very kindly invited me to an introductory meeting to discuss what I wanted to do, where I thought I could use improvement and to hear how he saw the graduate job market and how best I could approach it.

I came away feeling encouraged because naturally Chris genuinely wants you to succeed and will help however he can.

We agreed, particularly when the coronavirus caused a lockdown that the already competitive job market would become even more so, that it was a good time to learn what Graduate Coach could teach me.

First things first, he helped me improve my social media presence in the form of a good LinkedIn account, which I never gave much credence towards but paid dividends as future employers will certainly use it to look at you, so I had a presentable and ambitious image straight away.

Next Chris’ team began a several week process which taught me essentials in digital marketing (which really you can take anywhere as I did), essentially the use of Google Docs and Excel, analytics, SEO courses and
even client/partner introductions to give you a taste of business through GC’s network.

All in all, I learnt a lot, it kept me motivated and ultimately I was rewarded with my job during the lockdown in which I am learning every day. I owe a lot to Chris and his team!

Are you hoping to get a place on a shipbroking graduate scheme?

If you are hoping to get a shipbroking graduate scheme, we can help you!

We offer career coaching, to help you to produce an achievement-based CV, cover letters, interview training and much more.

Which companies offer shipbroking jobs?

Here are some examples that offer trainee shipbroker opportunities.

1. Clarksons

Clarksons provide trainee brokers with the opportunity to be trained by leading experts in the field and to gain hands-on experience, whilst developing core skills to excel in the field.

Find out more about the trainee broker programme

2. Howe Robinson Partners

The trainee shipbroker programme and Howe Robinsons offers candidates a unique insight into the relationship between international commerce and the shipment of goods by the sea.

On this programme, candidates are funded to study for the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers qualifications.

3. Pacific Basin

Trainees at Pacific Basin commence with 3 months of training. During this time, experience life on board vessels and undertake voyages to observe the loading, lashing and unloading of cargoes.

You will also be supported to study for the Institute of chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) exams.

Find out more about the shipbroker graduate scheme at Pacific Basin.

What is a day in the life of a shipbroker like?

Featured Photo by Julius Silver from Pexels

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