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Your CV Consultant are proud to partner Graduate Coach. We work with a variety of clients within the UK and globally, helping them to write that winning CV. Once a new CV gets a client to interview stage it is vital to nail that interview! We believe Graduate Coach can make a difference at this point at a time when needed the most. Your career is worth investing in, and we are proud to promote Graduate Coach to our clients to help them through that final stage in the selection process.

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If you really want to pass your next interview but don't know how to, 'Nail That Interview' will teach you everything.

Here's what you'll get
  • 9 practical teaching modules to show you how to pass your interviews
  • 8 downloadable guides, including our ‘Skills Audit’ that helps you uncover your unique job-specific talents and skills
  • A comprehensive guide to the most frequently asked interviews questions, organised by job type
  • The flexibility to learn and prepare wherever and whenever you want
  • The ability to jump straight to topics where you need the most help – perfect for quick preparation or when you’re interviewing again for a promotion in the future.
  • A 30-day 100% money back guarantee in the unlikely event that you didn’t find the course helpful.
Here's what you'll learn
  • How to convince the interviewer that you CAN do the job
  • How to convince the interviewer that you really WANT the job
  • How to make the best possible impression at your interview
  • How to answer interview questions confidently and successfully
  • How to ask excellent questions that will get the interviewer remembering you
  • How to do a great telephone interview
  • How to practice for video interviews
  • How to prepare for and be skilled at Assessment Days
  • The structure of any interview
  • What to do after your interview and how to follow up

9 easy to follow modules

Prove to your interviewer that you really want the job, create empathy and ask the right questions.



What this course is all about


Module 1 - I CAN do the job

Convince anyone that you are perfect for the job.

Module 2 - I WANT the job

Convince any recruiter that you WANT the job.

Module 3 - EMPATHY

Relate to & create EMPATHY with your interviewer.

Module 4 - Questions

Ask the right questions and be remembered.

Module 5 - Practice makes perfect

Practice tips and techniques so you succeed.

Module 6 - Group Interviews and Assessment Days

Learn how to stand out and succeed.

Module 7 - Telephone and video interviews

Prepare yourself successfully for these.

Module 8 - How to end your interview

Make the right impression.

Module 9 - Summary

Pull together everything you have learnt.

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Helping you stand out from the crowd and succeed.

Enrol in the full course for only £249 to get started today!

Learn from the UK’s No. 1 interview coach and join 420+ graduates who have landed their dream jobs with his help.

The ‘Nail that Interview’ course has been personally put together by Graduate Coach’s CEO, Founder and Head Coach, Chris Davies.

With a background in account handling at JWT, one of the world’s biggest advertising agencies, Chris knows everything there is to know about selling ideas, skills and a feeling of trust that YOU are the right candidate for the job.

When you sign up for our ‘Nail that interview’ online course, you not only learn the essential skills you need to kickstart your dream career, but you also get Chris’s over 22,000 hours of one-to-one coaching experience – all for just £99!

Chris Davies, the UK's leading interview coach.

The 'Nail That Interview' course gets to the heart of what you need to achieve to be successful. It was invaluable to me and I would recommend it to any new graduate or candidate on the hunt for a job. - Wayne

Is this course right for you?

We feel confident that our 'Nail That Interview' course will help anyone who is passionate about getting their dream job.

This course is for you if
  • You are a recent graduate, job changer, returner to work or anyone else looking to go the extra mile to get your dream job
  • You KNOW you’re perfect for the job, you just don’t know how to make the interviewer see it
  • You are tired and frustrated with failing your interviews and you really want to pass the next one
  • You’re eager to learn new and valuable life and career-enhancing skills that will help you succeed for years to come
This course is not for you if
  • You are not 100% passionate about passing your next interview
  • You do not think your skills are a good match for the role you have applied for
  • You’re looking for a ‘quick-fix’ because your interview is tomorrow. While the course will still help, you won’t have time to get the full benefits. If this is the case, we recommend purchasing ‘Nail That Interview’ in preparation for your next one, should you find yourself unsuccessful again this time.

You've got everything to gain and nothing to lose!

If you're not completely satisfied with this course or the results you get from it, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

So what are you still waiting for?

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Start taking the first steps towards building the future you've always wanted, today.

Need any more convincing?


Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get started?

Please click the ‘Enrol in the course for £249.00‘ button above or visit Graduate Coach’s eLearning store. Add the ‘Nail That Interview’ course to your Cart, create your account and checkout by completing your payment details. You will be presented with your Dashboard, which will include your newly purchased, ‘Nail That Interview’ course. Good luck!

‘Nail That Interview’ is a completely self-directed online course, which means you can go at your own pace. Decide when you want to start and finish. Delve all in or learn bit-by-bit. It’s up to you.

The best way to learn is chronologically from start to finish. However, as interviews can crop up at any time, it helps that you can access the exact module(s) you need when you need it. In fact, that is what many people who have taken the course so far tell us. For example, they find it easy to explore because they can click in and out of the modules. People find CAN, Empathy, video interviews and interviews questions very helpful. So, don’t attempt to complete the course in one sitting. Take bits out as you need. Build up your knowledge over time.

‘Nail That Interview’ expires after 3 years so you can always retake the course or revisit a specific module during this time. Please email us thereafter on [email protected] to request a £10 promotion code so you won’t have to pay the full price again.

No problem. Every purchase of ‘Nail That Interview’ is covered by a no-questions-asked, 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

You can access training on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. You’ll need a stable internet connection, space on your computer to store your downloads, and the willingness to learn! Everything else is provided in the course.

Yes, of course. Simply email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.