Why Starting A Business Could Be The Best Post-Grad Career

Apr 20, 2021

Every year, around 2 million students will attend higher education. Whilst some of these students may have a clear career path to follow, others may be a little less certain about life after university. Luckily, higher education teaches students many valuable skills that are transferable into most places of work, so students have the option to venture into a number of exciting career paths.

Don’t worry if you’re currently struggling to find a job within your specific degree subject that interests you- most degree subjects are chosen at around 18 years old and no one is expecting you to stick in this industry for the rest of your life! 

Many of the skills learnt whilst studying for a degree are relevant to the world of business and entrepreneurship. Students need to have good self-motivation and the ability to complete work in their free time and this is exactly what entrepreneurs need to have too!

Those few months after graduation are the perfect time to take risks, develop ideas and create that business you’ve always dreamed of owning. There are thousands of opportunities available for post-grads to get involved with. Here is why starting a business could be the best post-grad career. 

Few responsibilities

Most graduates are young, mortgage-free and have few people who solely depend on them for financial income. Therefore, graduates can afford to take risks that other people may not be in the position to take.

The time when you leave university may be the only time in your life when you have the freedom to try new things and experiment with different careers.

Starting a business will require the investment of both money and time which could be wasted if the business fails however, what better time is there than after university to take this risk? 

Optimal learning capabilities

Throughout your time in higher education, you will have subconsciously perfected your ability to learn new skills and process information. After you graduate, your brain is still optimised for learning which makes this period of your life the perfect time to try something new.

Starting a business comes with large amounts of learning to do- you have to learn how to handle finances, run marketing campaigns, develop products and so much more. The brain that you have after university will be able to handle the skills and knowledge required to start a business far better than your brain in 10 years time! 


If you are worried about funding a business start-up, there are many start-up business grants available that could support you through the early stages. Grants can be competitive to obtain but graduates have higher chances of receiving them because of the skills and mindset that they possess.

As a graduate, you will have more time available to dedicate towards winning the grant which will increase your chances of success. Unlike loans, grants do not need to be repaid which means that you could theoretically start a business with no impact on your own finances. The amount of money available via grant will depend on your business and your eligibility to receive the grant but, they can often cover a large majority of startup costs. 


Many graduates will dream of travelling the world and experiencing the wonders of life on their own terms, without a strict work schedule getting in the way. Running your own business could give you exactly that!

As a business owner, you will work entirely for yourself which means that you could set your own schedule that fits around your life. Many businesses can be run from anywhere in the world- as long as you have access to wifi and a good laptop. This will give you endless opportunities to work remotely, travel and live life exactly as you want to. 

You have connections

At university, you are likely to have made friends with students who study a range of degrees and all have varying skills. You should use these connections to your advantage before these same friends become knee-deep in their own post-grad careers. Degrees such as business, marketing, graphic design and photography are valuable to most startups and people who have recently graduated from these subjects could be incredibly helpful to your own business.

If your friends have valuable skills, consider asking for a favour or even inviting them to join you in your business venture. Almost every graduate will be in the same position as you so, it is likely that they will have time to help you. 

Written by Charlotte Murphey
Featured image by: Helena Lopes from Pexels

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