7 Tips for Working Remotely

Jun 23, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a surge in the number of people working remotely across the globe. It is expected that many employers will allow their staff to continue working from home even after the pandemic has ended. In this post, we will share essential tips for working remotely.

One key concern many have when it comes to working from home is maintaining productivity levels.

#1. Create a workspace 

It may sound simple, but your psychological devotion to work will improve if you have the space to do it. 

Make your workspace ergonomic

Your employer has a legal obligation to protect you from injury while at work.

Therefore, when you are in the office, you will often be provided with a good desk, chair and other equipment to promote good posture.

These measures help to prevent conditions such as repetitive strain injury from forming.

Now that you are working remotely, it is very important that you create a healthy workspace to prevent injury.

Here are some top tips for creating a healthy workspace when working remotely:

  • Ask your employer if you can borrow equipment from the office. You may be able to borrow a desk or office chair if you do not have access to one.
  • Ensure that your back is supported to reduce the risk of developing back pain. Do this by adjusting the height, back position and tilt of your office chair. If you do not have access to an ergonomic office chair, a temporary solution may be to use a back support. Back Care Solutions offers a range of posture supports to attach to your chair.
  • Rest your feet flat on the floor. If necessary, use a footrest. Posturite offer a wide range of footrests and leg rests for use whilst at your desk.
  • Ensure that your computer screen is at eye-level. If you are using a laptop, consider using a laptop stand.
  • Find a location that has good natural lighting during the day. If required, use a desk lamp. The desk lamp by Lumie, helps to treat the symptoms of SAD, whilst boosting concentration.
  • Consider using a standing desk if remaining seated for long periods of time is not ideal. 
  • Avoid screen glare from your desktop. If required, invest in an anti-glare solution.
  • Take regular breaks. If you find it useful, practice The Pomodoro Technique. An app like Focus To-do may help you to take regular breaks and boost your productivity.

Read: The NHS guide to sitting at your desk correctly.

David Zhang

#2. Create and stick to a routine 

Sticking to a routine will benefit both your productivity and mental wellbeing when working remotely or from home.

Ensuring that you set boundaries and schedule in downtime will really help to promote your wellbeing and avoid burnout.

Here are some top tips for creating and sticking to a work routine:

  • Wake up and go to sleep at the same time every day. If a traditional alarm clock isn’t effective for you, there are a range of alternatives available. For example, Ruggie is an alarm clock mat that will only switch off after standing on the mat for a minimum of 3 seconds.
  • If you are able to work flexibly, wake up at a time that suits you best. Find out your chronotype and adjust your work schedule accordingly.
  • Once you have your working hours sorted out, you could plan snack and meal preparation. Time is easily wasted when it is lunchtime and you haven’t planned what to eat. Have a sufficient break time laid out in the morning and afternoon, it is good for you!  
  • Get dressed every day! When working remotely, it can be tempting to stay in your pyjamas all day. However, getting dressed for the day every morning will help your to maintain your routine. If you want to wear something more comfortable, purchase a few loungewear items! Retailers including Boohoo, ASOS, Missguided and Pretty little thing are offering a range of loungewear items. Get some inspiration for your working from home wardrobe!
Image Credit: Ekaterina Bolovtsosa

For the sake of good mental health, don’t spend all day glued to a screen. If you live with somebody else try and do something together, even if it just going for a walk. Doing so will help to reduce feelings of isolation or loneliness.

#3. Ensure you exercise 

Of all the tips for working remotely, this is amongst the most important.

The lockdown has presented a fantastic opportunity for many people who feel they don’t exercise as they never have time. 

If may think that work commitment has restricted you from exercising, or maybe balancing work with family. Now, whether working from home or elsewhere beyond the office, that has changed. 

Whilst working remotely does mean just that, gone is the time spent on commuting, or perhaps venturing out for food. That lost time is now yours to occupy in a way you see fit.

Work out at home

Joe Wicks has seen an enormous boost in popularity during the lockdown period. Most of his workouts can be done from home.

If you are feeling stressed, consider yoga. Glo is an online yoga platform that offers over 3000 yoga videos online. You could schedule in a yoga session during your lunch break!

Here is an example of a 30 minute home workout session that does not require any additional equipment.

If you would like to advance your home workouts you could invest in equipment such as resistance bands, a yoga mat and weights.

If you still find it difficult to find the time to fit in a workout session whilst working remotely, one tip is to consider getting an under-desk exercise machine. Alternatively, you could try deskercise!

YouTube: Study with Jess

#4. Enjoying video calling 

Although it takes some getting used to, many a workday will now consist of conference calls. Try and turn on the video for a call, even if you don’t like showing yourself.

YouTube: Tina Young

It can feel a bit awkward at first speaking with headphones on to several people all on your screen at once. But make an effort to overcommunicate! Talk about your opinion on a matter, what you have been up to, what challenges you in lockdown.

Proving that you can cope with working from home is a strong statement. Ensure if you meet new people that you connect to them via LinkedIn. Even lockdown has proved a good time to network!

Being positive and displaying this attitude is what people want to see. Be it the rest of your team, a recruiter, your friends. 

It can be initially very difficult getting used to the lockdown. The lack of face-to-face interaction with your colleagues is testing. So make sure you chat to people as much as you can, especially if not work-related!

To enjoy video calling and make the most of it, make sure you have an excellent setup:

#5. Look at courses 

Another blessing of the lockdown is the time afforded that you previously didn’t have. If you are job hunting or looking ahead to the end of university this is definitely important. 

At university, there is understandably rather a lot of distraction in between set work. But in lockdown, you can use the time to potentially improve your CV ahead of other graduates. 

Are you are interested in digital account management, SEO or digital marketing? We here at Graduate Coach offer several courses and seminars in these career markets. Technology and digital work is becoming increasingly popular in the graduate world and is well worth considering. 

Need other suggestions? Think about tools that employers like to see. Microsoft Office is an expected criterion for many employers. Yet many courses at university don’t give you much variety involving Microsoft Office. Look at websites such as Udemy, where there are excellent courses on Excel. 

Alternatively, you could enrol in a programme such as Jolt. Jolt is for startup employees, freelancers, entrepreneurs, team leaders and more who would like to brush up their skills in:

  • Management and leadership
  • Marketing, sales and customer services
  • personal skills and self-development
  • product management
  • Data
  • Finance

#6. Keep up your favourite tips for working remotely

The lockdown working life can’t last forever. Eventually, many remote workers will be recalled on a full-time basis to the office. 

But just because this happens, don’t forget the best remote job tips you discovered. If you develop a good routine, try and transition that the best way possible to office life. 

If you feel yourself feeling mentally stronger after exercising, keep it up! Try not to revert to old habits you left behind before lockdown. Remembering your progress and ensuring it continues is as important as implementing it to begin with.  

If you missed the workplace buzz, then going back is something to look forward to. But it doesn’t mean you need to drop everything you started doing if it was beneficial! 

#7. Avoid social media 

A big tendency of people who are meant to be working is to be distracted by your phone. It is all too easy to flit through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at the touch of a button. 

Consider uninstalling the applications off your phone, it will no doubt save you many pointless distractions.

Try to remember that during working hours, you should work! TV and social media can wait!

We hope that you found this blog post on tips for working remotely helpful in any small way. Although these are strange times, and quite daunting, they also present a lot of opportunities. 

It might not seem like it now, but once you commit to bettering yourself you will see the difference. 

Even if you aren’t sure any of this will help, try the first step of creating a workspace. Notice the difference, then move on to the next step. 

If you have any questions or need one-to-one tuition, we are here to make a difference and get you a dream job. Check out the rest of our blog on other top tips!

Featured Photo by Ken Tomita from Pexels

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