Vitae M

“far more effective than any of the career advice the university services or employment agency usually provides”

Why I came to the course?

I was very frustrated about the current climate in the job market as I faced the problem of having no experience to start in HR. It seems that they want you to be born with the relevant experience!

I have been looking for a year now and really wished to evaluate if and what mistakes I have been doing not to get a new job. I consider myself to be a strong candidate but was very de-motivated by my prolonged search, especially, when my current job and work experience takes a huge proportion of my time, and I probably have only 1/5th of time for job search compared to other graduates.

I came to the course as thought that it would be helpful to rework my job-hunt strategy and regain motivation. I thought that this new approach to job search would make me a better and more motivated candidate.

What I took away from the course?

I became more positive. I was a loner in my search as relied only on myself and probably this was my biggest mistake. On the course I connected with other graduates to develop an effective network of support in my job search process. I got good advice from others to stay motivated and focused.
I learnt how to market myself more actively by stating clearly my achievements on my CV. I am currently working on my CV. I plan to become more pro-active in my job search and will be approaching employers directly and expanding my social-professional networks.

Would you recommend this course and why?

I would recommend this course. Especially to those graduates who have no relevant work experience and are about to start their job search. They do not have to waste that much time as I did learning from their own mistakes and getting de-motivated by all this searching.

It was far more effective than any of the career advice the university services or employment agency usually provides. I liked the idea about creating a graduate forum online in order to help each other after the course.
The course itself was well structured and covered important points in writing a strong C, approaching employers, preparing for the interview and winning the job by performing well during the interview – it covered all the aspects that graduates usually worry about.

I’d like to thank Chris for delivering this very useful course!