Robert E

“I also got a better sense of direction for my career which I needed.”

Why I came on the course:
I felt that since I had been looking for a job for a few months without success I would try something which would broaden my employability prospects. Having a certificate in Graduate Employability Skills will definitely be a positive addition to my CV and further increase my chances of getting an interview. As well as this I can say that I took initiative to seek out work whilst I was job-hunting instead of simply waiting for something to come along. So I took the course because it was proactive step in finding work.

What I took away from the course:

The main things I learned were how to better research a company, how to approach an interview and how to think about my achievements in a more positive and employment oriented way. I also got a better sense of direction for my career which I needed. I will join ‘LinkedIn’ since I was made aware of it on the course as well, and through keeping in touch hopefully benefit from ongoing contact with Graduate Coach. The course also boosted my confidence and I hope to find work soon in the sector I am interested in.

Would you recommend this course and why?

I would definitely recommend this course to friends as I think it will provide graduates with something unique. Most grads are not aware of a large portion of the stuff taught on this course so it would definitely give someone the edge in terms of their employability.