Parent of Andrew C

My son Andrew had been unemployed for a year since leaving University and had been getting nowhere with his job applications, despite help from his university careers service and job centre advisers. The whole experience was having such a negative effect on his confidence and we couldn’t see the situation improving so we decided to find a coach to help him.  I found the Graduate Coach site on the internet and was attracted by mention of internships to develop vital job skills as well as coaching on CVs, researching and interview skills.

I was nervous about using someone I had just selected from the internet, but Chris couldn’t have been more helpful by putting me in touch with a number of parents who had used his services. All of the ones I contacted gave glowing reports so, after he and Andrew had met to have an initial discussion, we went ahead.

Chris said the first step would be to find out what Andrew was passionate about. I didn’t think that would be easy as Andrew didn’t have a clear idea of what he wanted to do but after a few chats and questionnaires, he identified the mobile phone industry as an up and coming area that Andrew could be well suited for.

I was astounded at the speed at which Chris works. Within a few days, work had started on revamping Andrew’s CV, within a couple of weeks he had arranged for Andrew to have his first telephone interview for a three month internship and within the month Andrew had moved to London and started working for a Mobile App company. It turned out to be an area of work and a job he loved. Chris stayed in touch with Andrew to mentor and help him during the internship. At the end of the internship he was offered employment at the same company. The variety of work he has done in that job has given him skills we would not have believed he could gain in such a short period of time. Eighteen months on Andrew contacted Chris to get help on finding his next job and without hesitation Chris has once again been on hand to help.

My husband and I are both certain that using Chris has been the best thing we have ever done for Andrew. We have watched Andrew flourish in a career area he wouldn’t have thought of had it not been for Chris, in a job he also wouldn’t have got without Chris’s help. Chris’s concern for those he helps also does not stop at their first job as we have now seen first-hand. We would highly recommend Chris Davies.