Frances J

“I took a chance on Chris and am glad I did. Straight away he personally helped Emma re-vamp her CV”

My daughter graduated from university and moved to London expecting to gain a career in publishing. We had expected her to secure a position reasonably easily as she had attained a very good degree, not so. She was mostly unable to get replies to her on-line applications and employment agencies did not handle graduates. The few interviews she attended were unsuitable, e.g. commission only sales (disguised door to door sales), or customer service. It was beginning to look as if her only options were to accept a job that was unrelated to her skills or move back to Australia.

I looked on the internet to find a mentor for her and after narrowing it down to 3 options who I’d spoken to, I decided on Chris from Graduate Coach. He sounded sincere, gave me information setting out the service he offers, and backed up with names of others who were on his books. His fee wasn’t excessive and I judged I had few choices: allow my daughter to continue with her search (at that time 3 months) getting nowhere, encourage her to take a job which she isn’t passionate about and end up stuck there, or take a chance on Chris.

I am so glad I did. Straight away he personally helped Emma re-vamp her CV to more accurately demonstrate her qualifications and workplace skills, to make it stand out from the 100s of others prospective employers receive. He spent time with her testing her personal and academic achievements and goals, thus she discovered her passion lay in a different career: marketing.

Chris then provided Emma with relevant information and materials to help her prepare for her career search. He also quickly found Emma an internship, where she was able to develop marketing research techniques, and digital and presentational skills. Through his contacts Chris helped Emma secure an interview with a fantastic marketing company, he helped prepare her to demonstrate her strengths and abilities at the interview – she secured the position 3 months ago and has found the work immensely satisfying and she feels a valued member of their marketing team.

I can’t thank Chris enough, as without him it is almost certain Emma would have given up and settled for less. He stayed with her throughout her career search, only a phone call away, and met with her regularly to give encouragement and advice. Honestly, he gave more than I’d expected. Professional and caring, I would recommend him to any parent, who feels like I do, that my child has paid extensively for a good education and I want her workplace experience to reflect that.

Frances Jedrejak is the relieved and happy parent of Emma