Emma J

“Thanks to Chris’ years of advertorial experience… he was able to advise me on the best approach”

Since joining the Graduate Coach programme Chris has been an invaluable aid in helping me make the best decisions for a career after graduating.

Upon graduating university and making the decision to move to London to find work, I had wrongly assumed that finding a job would be easy. I had originally planned for a career in publishing and embarked upon some work experience within a publishing house. However, after Chris’ coaching I realised this was not a career I really wanted or felt passionate about. In depth conversations, tests and discussions about my personal, academic and work history allowed us to decide upon a different career, within account planning.

Thanks to Chris’ years of advertorial experience in a range of different, renowned companies, he was able to advise me upon the best approach. Our next step was to alter my somewhat generic CV to something unique and personable, and that would stand out. Chris also gave me several insider tips and reading material to ensure I was more than prepared for any upcoming opportunities.

Through Chris’ connections, I was able to embark on an internship with a digital marketing company. Once there I gained fantastic experience in terms of research, presentation, and digital marketing techniques such as search engine optimization and social media marketing. All the while, Chris was in contact, continuing to send relevant information and news to better equip me for a long-term position.

I was then able to secure an interview with a fantastic marketing agency. Chris greatly prepared me for this interview and coached me on how best to present my strengths. I now have a full time position as an Account Executive within that company and can’t thank Chris enough for allowing me to realise my potential, and pursue a career that I can finally be excited about.

Today Emma Jedrejak works full time as an Account Executive with a leading marketing agency.