Chris developed my creative thinking

Chris has been a huge help to me in getting a job. He turned my cv around so that it was easy and comprehendible to read, really pushed me to think of my key skills and helped me to discover where it was that my skills would be best placed. For me the most helpful thing was the ability and confidence that I was given to answer the hundreds of competency questions that I encountered at phone interview, assessment days and final interviews. In such a competitive environment where one example is not enough, Chris helped me think of numerous creative examples. Chris is extremely friendly and approachable which made it easier for me to tell him exactly what I wanted from a job.

A career more successful than I could have hoped for

Chris helped to transform my career and my life. Within a few hours of meeting him he’d identified the perfect-fit sector for me, and after a bit of CV and interview technique work I found a job in an industry I’d never have gone for myself. I made the jump from having a dead-end job as a waiter to working a full-time role in less than a month.

3 years later I’m already enjoying a career more successful than I could have hoped for at the start, having worked for a couple of the top digital marketing agencies in the world, and have now been running my own successful business for a year.

I count Chris as a trusted mentor to this day, and he continues to be a trusted source of advice and inspiration for me!

Chris understands the talents and drives of others

Chris Davies is sparklingly intelligent, and sharply perceptive. He has a brilliant knack for understanding the talents and drives of others (which they themselves might not know) and the experience and know-how for getting that first foot in the door.

I would urge anyone who is feeling lost since leaving education to pick up The Student Book. You may be surprised at where it takes you.

When I first met Chris, I was lost and overwhelmed, in a maze of potential career paths with conflicting advice on which to follow. Having achieved top grades across the board at school I’d gone on to complete a BSc and MSc at one of the world’s top universities before a brief and unfulfilling stint in academic publishing.

Careers advice at university seemed limited to pursuing either banking, academia or management consultancy. The thought of pursuing any of those options left me feeling cold. Chris helped me find my strengths and channel them into a career I’d never even thought of before.Now five years on I’m the director of my own company, providing services within the creative industry for a range of world-famous brands, government departments, and charities. I worked hard to get here but I attribute much of my success to Chris’s advice.

Genuine care about my future

Graduate Coach has been more than helpful and informative when it has come to their teachings. From the first phone call, I have received a high level of interest and genuine care about my future and ability to secure a position in my chosen career.

When I first started my coaching with Graduate Coach I knew next to nothing about the advertising world and only a vague idea as to what role I wanted there. Graduate Coach Founder Chris Davies through his history in the advertising industry could immediately see where I would be best suited and this fitted with my own pre-conceptions.

Graduate Coach was excellent in helping me streamline my CV and making sure that I was representing myself correctly and allowed me to discover talents and value that I would not have discovered on my own. Following that I received insider information on the industry and the knowledge to find out what I needed to know and the best places to put my ear to the ground and discover what was going on in the industry.

Chris Davies also enabled through his connections to get myself an introduction to interviews for internships in key areas of marketing and advertising to gain invaluable experience and therefore, making myself more appealing to employers. The first was extremely successful and the second has now turned into full time employment, all the while, Graduate Coach continued their support and continued to make plans as to the next steps in the process.

I would recommend Graduate Coach to anyone looking to receive coaching as a graduate, something that is not easy to find, with such relevance and quality. To add if your path lies in the advertising or marketing sector, Graduate Coach is a must, due to Chris Davies lifelong career and knowledge of the industry. I therefore, conclude that I would be happy to vouch for quality and high value of service that I have received from Graduate Coach.

Chris understood what I wanted from my career

I studied finance at university and after completing a Master’s degree; the thought of pursuing a career in this field left me feeling quite sick. Advice I received from friends, family and career services was at best misguided and at worst a waste of time. Following months of feeling lost and depressed about my future career prospects, meeting

Chris was a turning point. He helped to identify my strengths and key personality traits which I, like most people of my age, were totally oblivious to. Furthermore, he understood what I wanted from my career and used this to help me get a great job. I now have a great job at a great company and I can safely say that I would never have got it without his help.

Chris is very bright, likeable and easy to get along with. I think his biggest strength is his ability to understand people. His knowledge and experiences mean that he can guide and motivate graduates through the perils of their early working lives.

Upon reading his book, I could easily identify with the various work-situations described and the advice given in the book played a key role in helping me navigate them. If you have recently started working or are stuck in your career, give the book a read: you’ll be surprised by how helpful it will be.