Chris understands the challenges graduates face today

I have worked with Chris for several years and he consistently introduces me to an excellent calibre of candidate. His dedication to his candidates shines through and mirrors the relationship we pride ourselves on having with our candidates. Having worked in graduate recruitment for over 14 years, it’s great to work with someone who understands the challenges todays graduates face and I thoroughly enjoy working with Chris to help as many of them as possible secure great roles!

Chris is a fantastic coach and mentor

Chris spends a lot of time on developing his graduates and it shows in the interview process. I have successfully managed to partner up with Chris to help his graduates acquire placements within banks and consultancies over the past year. The background work that Chris put’s in to preparing his graduates for the recruitment process is excellent. Chris is a fantastic coach and mentor for students to work with, he is great at teaching you how to deliver in the recruitment process and offers great career advice for you to secure the perfect job.

Professionalism flourishes with a supportive mentor like Chris

Chris has placed several great graduates with us as interns at Simbiotik, two of which we have subsequently taken on in permanent positions. Candidates are always keen and professional and I hope we have managed to give them some good experience of our particular niche in partnership marketing. Chris always continues to act as a mentor to the grads throughout their internships and provides great support to them across a variety of disciplines.

Uncovering and developing a candidates’ strengths

I love working with Chris and his team at Graduate Coach, why? Well, he has a unique talent for uncovering and developing a candidate’s strengths while at the same time giving them a tool kit of advice and practical lessons that deal with the weaker aspects of their career or academic history. He then works out their ideal career path and gets their CV sorted, so when he calls, I know I can trust him and that he’s worked out that I can get them a job. What more does a recruiter need?

Chris always delivers interview ready candidates

We always want to see candidates who have been put through their paces by Chris and his team because we they will have been exceptionally well prepared for the rigours of the interview process. So many graduates have absolutely no idea of how to prepare themselves for the job market that it always a relief to get someone who is so obviously “interview ready.

We work with Graduate Coach a lot and look forward to doing so in the future.

A pleasure to work with

Given a short lead time and a skeletal project outline Chris quickly provided two well-briefed young interns that possessed the IQ/EQ you hope for. They and he were a pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris and Graduate Coach for any organisation seeking intelligent, capable and diligent interns – excellent service.