Your CV Consultant – How to nail your next interview!

Every year 500,000 UK students graduate. Of these, 250,000 never enter the graduate workforce. One of the key reasons for this is that no one has ever taught them how to interview. In fact, over 85 % of students and recent graduates find interviewing difficult /very difficult. Interview failures can be narrowed down to six different categories.

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Chris developed my creative thinking

Chris has been a huge help to me in getting a job. He turned my cv around so that it was easy and comprehendible to read, really pushed me to think of my key skills and helped me to discover where it was that my skills would be best placed. For me the most helpful thing was the ability and confidence that I was given to answer the hundreds of competency questions that I encountered at phone interview, assessment days and final interviews. In such a competitive environment where one example is not enough, Chris helped me think of numerous creative examples. Chris is extremely friendly and approachable which made it easier for me to tell him exactly what I wanted from a job.

Aspect County Magazine – A degree is no longer enough

Young people graduate into a different world from that of twenty or thirty years ago when their parents went to university. The student population has doubled since 1992 and last year UCAS reported that a record number, almost half, were accepted into university. The problem is what happens when they leave. With 78% of students now achieving a 1st or 2:1, competition for graduate level employment is rife. Which is why, according to official data by the Office of National Statistics, almost half (47%) of graduates were in non-graduate jobs two years later.

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