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Sep 4, 2020

Study YouTubers have become a part of pop culture these past few years. Students document their time at university  showcasing the highs and lows of higher education. 

Studytuber channels mostly  include study tips, a day in the life and  tips and tricks to make university life easier. Also many motivators on staying focused during exam seasons. 

And videos teaching productivity, helping with procrastination and other lifestyles skills that they should have before and when they start university.

As well as helpful tips on what to bring when moving out, tips and tricks with student finance and how to shop on a budget.

Some may find them helpful and some may find them pretentious but there is no mistaking their impact. There are many study YouTubers out there right now and many popular ones from the UK.

The rise of studytubers began during the early 2010s with the growing number of vloggers and content creators on YouTube. The growing number of students making videos about their everyday uni lives tapped into a market for those who were either about to go or already in university.

 And with the rise of the content creators came the study Yoututbe stars.

Some have a large following from all over the world with the massive interest. Especially in those that go to the most prestigious universities. Many of the most popular studytubers go to an Oxbridge college or Russell Group university .  

Many school students  and college students begin watching study Youtubers during their exams. The studytuber videos you may have even begun watching would have been most likely to do with either study tips during exam season. Or when you were about to start university and were wondering what uni life would be like.  

They aim to show real life examples of what university is really like. There is usually a larger interest in students studying certains subjects such as medicine or law. 

With catchy titles like “ A day in the life of a med school student” or “A crash course in English Lit!” These videos can gain millions of views and thousands of subscribers. 

Here are some some Study YouTubers to help inspire you: 

Thomas Frank 

Thomas Frank is arguably one of the most successful study Youtubers. Since creating his Youtube channel in 2013 then going on to create his platform  College Info Geek he has been able to create a multi million dollar platform inspiring other university students. 

What Thomas Frank has been able to achieve with College Info Geek is build a platform around being a productive student. Since graduating he has grown his media outreach with his podcast, books and merchandise.

Vee kativhu

Another hugely popular study YouTuber is Vee Kativhu. Starting her YouTube channel after being accepted into Oxford University Vee has since become a major inspirational figure. Coming from humble beginnings to being a  Oxford graduate. 

With her uni advice and infamous last minute essay vidoes, Vee has amassed a large following on social media. And with famous friends such as Malala Yousafzai appearing in her fun day in the life vlogs, Vee showcases her bubbly personality effortlessly. 

Vee helps inspire other young Black women within higher education. And has since worked with brands and companies such as TEDXTalks, BBC, LinkedIn and Debut. 

Ibz Mo  

Ibrahim Mohammed better known as Ibz Mo is a Cambridge university graduate. With a wide range of videos from storytimes, advice, study tips and day in the life. Ibz is a classic example of the modern UK study Youtuber. 

Ibz Mo is one another example for a student from an underprivileged background attending one of the most prestigious universities in the world. 

He spent his time at the historic university working with the institution to make it more accessible to minority students.

Ruby Granger

 With just over half a million subscribers Ruby Granger is one of the most popular study YouTubers out there.

 With an unconventional start to her YouTube channel (making Hermione Granger parody videos) Ruby quickly transitioned into a study YouTuber once she began her alma mater University of Exeter. 

Since then she has amassed a huge fan base with her many videos on productivity, staying forced, routines and  hours long study with me videos. From her Youtube success Ruby has started her own vegan cooking page and stationary company.

Jack Edwards

Jack Edwards, a recent English Literature graduate from Durham University is another popular studytuber.

With plenty videos documenting his time at Durham, last minute essay writing and travelling vlogs. Jack is a highy popular study YouTuber with a large influence. He has also colloborated with other study YouTubers such as Ruby Granger and other popular studytubers on a joint podcast The Wooden Spoon.

Student watching Study YouTubers
Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

But do students still relate to study YouTubers?

There are some who do feel like there is an air of unattainability to these studytubers.

Whether it be their prestigious universities or lifestyles they lead due to their online popularity some viewers have began to feel like their lives no longer reflect the reality of most university students.

Where most students work part time jobs, are a part of their university societies or flat out broke. These study YouTubers can be seen being invited to exciting events. Getting massive sponsorships or going on glamorous holidays. 

 But it can be argued that those are the perks that come with a popular online presence. What they do is hard work, but there is of course still that disconnect. 

Also with the most popular study YouTubers going to some of the most prestigious universities there can also be another form of unfamiliarity for the mass majority. 

With such videos titled “spend 12 hours with me studying” they can at times set unrealistic expectations of what a “successful” university student is meant to be. Many students can’t spend 12 hours constantly revising.  

Some may find themselves comparing to these YouTubers. Not considering the fact that people work in different ways and what one can do for 5 hours another can do for only 2. 

Another reason some may find issues within the study YouTube culture is that most of these students do seems to be rather used as pin ups as to what the perfect student should be.

Following a day in the life video of someone may seem to be something that could be used as a motivational tool but could also be seen as unrealistic. 

There is an argument in the over capitalisation of the study YouTuber. Their university sponsored videos and personalised merchandise, again highlight that they are no longer as relatable as they seem. 

It’s safe to say that this phenomena is far from over. Study YouTube is here is stay and there are many more rising stars still to come.

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