Stuck in a dead-end job with a degree? [There’s Hope]

Dec 28, 2019

Are you stuck in a dead-end job with a degree? If you are, you’re not alone. In fact, 48% of graduates end up being underemployed. Furthermore, 50% of graduates change their job after 2 years. If you’re in this situation, don’t despair- there’s hope, and we can help. 

It can be extremely frustrating when your current role isn’t aligned with your professional goals and career aspirations. The quickest way to discover your career path and re-energise your career is to get help from an experienced graduate coach. 

We have helped hundreds of graduates to escape from dead-end jobs and land graduate-level jobs at great companies.

Why you may be feeling stuck in a dead-end job even though you have a degree

Here’s why you might be feeling stuck in a dead-end job as a graduate:

  • After graduating, you took a job mainly for the money and to gain some experience but now you feel like you can’t leave.
  • You ‘panic applied’ for jobs after university and took the first offer you got without fully understanding the role.
  • The role isn’t challenging anymore and you have become comfortable at work. You don’t like this feeling but you are apprehensive to leave.
  • You feel as though your skills are becoming outdated and would like a role with more training and development opportunities.

Stuck in a dead-end job? Here’s how to escape with the help of a graduate coach

Here at Graduate Coach, we help students, graduates and career changers to turn their degree into a graduate career.

A graduate coach is a type of career coach who specialises in helping students, graduates and career changers with a degree to get the right graduate job. In order to achieve this, a graduate coach will help with everything from writing an achievement-based CV to teaching candidates how to perform highly in job interviews. 

Here’s how a graduate coach can help you to get a high-quality graduate-level job that is right for you: 

Identify your valuable skills

You will have gained a wide variety of transferable skills from your current role. Graduate recruiters will be particularly interested in finding out more about the skills you have and how you acquired them. 

There are 9 key employability skills that all graduate employers will expect graduates to have. 

The experience and skills you have gained so far will give you a competitive advantage when it comes to applying for graduate-level jobs. 

When candidates sign up for our 1-2-1 coaching programme we work with them to complete an audit of their current skills. This is a great starting point.

With our help, many candidates realise that they have many more skills and experiences than they thought. We then help graduates to understand why and how their skills and experiences are valuable to employers. 

Work out your career type

There are three career typologies for graduate jobs. Once you have worked out your career typology it will help you to identify what job roles would be right for you.

The diagram below illustrates the three different career typologies.

graduate job types

We help graduates to identify their graduate job typology, then explain which jobs would be right for them. This helps them to drastically narrow

Learn how to write a graduate CV and effective cover letter

Next, it’s time to work on your CV and cover letter. Getting these two documents right is vital.

They need to be good enough to convince the recruiter that you have the skills and competencies

As you have already gained some experience, you will find it much easier to craft both your CV and cover letter.

Here at Graduate Coach, we advise candidates to craft an achievement-based CV. This type of CV emphasises how you have used your skills to add value to the companies they have worked for.

Navigate the job search

The job search can be extremely overwhelming. It can be even more challenging if you are currently employed.

When the steps above are completed properly, navigating your job search will be much more strategic.

You will probably complete the majority of your job search online.

The Google job search tool makes it much easier to find relevant job vacancies. The tool lists job openings from around the web, based on the search term you enter.

Get interview training 

Being able to perform highly in interviews is a vital skill.

We offer interview coaching to graduates. Interview coaching is a wise investment as the skills and techniques you learn will stay with you for the rest of your career.

We guarantee success! 

We guarantee success with our 1-2-1 career coaching programme. Once you have landed your graduate job, we will continue to mentor you so that you can thrive in your new role. 

We hope this post has helped you if you feel as though you are stuck in a dead-end job with a degree. If you would benefit from our coaching services, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

If you are stuck in a dead-end job with a degree, get in touch with us. We can help you with our one-to-one coaching sessions (in-person or online), online courses and our books.

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