Spring weeks: 19 opportunities to apply for

Sep 29, 2020

If you are in your first year of a three-year degree or are in your second year of a four-year degree, it is a great idea to consider applying for spring week opportunities. 

The graduate job market is fiercely competitive. Therefore, taking full advantage of opportunities like these right from the beginning of your degree will boost your chances of graduating with a job lined up. 

A number of companies that hire graduates offer spring internships. These act as pre-internships. Graduate recruiters aim to build up a pipeline of the most promising students, well in advance of them graduating. 

If you do well in your spring week, and demonstrate the skills and attributes the company looks for, you may be fast-tracked to interview for the summer internship. Then if you do well in the summer internship, you may then be offered a place on the graduate scheme. 

There are only a limited number of places on graduate schemes at each company each year, so getting onto a spring week programme and subsequently being fast-tracked onto other opportunities can drastically improve your chances of securing a place on a competitive graduate scheme. 

#1: Barclays spring week

The spring week at Barclays will give you the opportunity to get a good insight into your chosen business area. You could do your spring week in technology, operations, investment banking or a combination. 

If you perform well on your spring week, you will be considered for the summer internship the following year. 

#2: JP Morgan & Chase | Early Insight, Pre-internship 

JP Morgan offers three spring week programmes: 

  • Spring into JP Morgan
  • Spring into Finance for non-finance 
  • Spring into technology 

If you are interested in a career in finance, join the week-long spring programme at JP Morgan to get a better understanding of the firm and how they serve clients. 

#3: Goldman Sachs divisional spring programme 

This program will give you an insight into Goldman Sachs and the broad range of career opportunities open to you within financial services. 

You can do a spring week at Goldman Sachs in the following divisions: 

  • Legal
  • Operations 
  • Investment banking
  • Global markets
  • Engineering 

#4: Bank of America Spring Insight Week 

On this programme, you’ll get an introduction to the wide range of career opportunities available within an investment bank, such as corporate banking, sales and technology. 

You are eligible for a spring week if you are in your first year of a three year degree, or the second year of a four year degree. Find out more about the spring weeks at Bank of America.

Maddy Parada

#5: Jefferies Investment banking spring week programme 

The spring week at Jefferies is designed for students interested in pursuing a career in banking. It is aimed at students in their first year of university or their second year of a four-year degree. 

On the programme, you’ll gain professional skills training, work shadowing experience, the opportunity to attend networking events and more. 

#6: Morgan Stanley Spring Insight 

If you are interested in the career opportunities at Morgan Stanley and would like to explore more during your Easter break, this may be a good opportunity for you. 

On the Morgan Stanley spring insight week, you’ll be given an introduction to banking, and learn about divisions such as investment banking, global capital markets, bank resource management, sales and trading and more. 

#7: Evercore spring week programme 

The Evercore spring week has been designed to give you hands-on experience of what a career at Evercore could look like. You’ll learn about the firm and understand how an investment bank works. 

During the spring week at Evercore, you will do skills workshops, group activities, work shadowing, networking and CV and interview workshops. 

#8: Deutsche Spring into banking 

The Deutsche bank spring week is designed to give first-year students an introduction into financial services. 

Students can choose to complete their spring week in either corporate and investment banking or in technology

#9: Credit Suisse EMEA Spring Insight Program

The Credit Suisse spring week is a five-day programme for first-year students of a three-year degree course, or second-year students of a four-year course, who are thinking of launching a career in banking.

On the spring week programme at Credit Suisse, you can decide to focus on one of the following areas: Investment banking or technology. 

#10: UBS | Spring Insight programme 

On the UBS spring week programme, you will gain an insight into the firm and the various business functions. After completing the spring week programme at UBS, you may wish to apply for the summer internship. 

#11: HSBC Spring Insight programme 

HSBC offers a four-day programme offering students an insight into what it is like to work at the bank. On the HSBC spring week, you will receive skills training, take part in case studies, and attend networking events. 

Find out more about applying for the global banking & Markets Insight programme at HSBC

#12: Spring into Deloitte 

The spring week at Deloitte is a two-day course for those interested in pursuing a career in professional services. 

#13: Citi | Spring week programme 

Citi: Step into Spring

The spring week programme at Citi is comprised of skills sessions, team projects, networking, shadowing, interviews and more. 

Following the spring insight at Citi, candidates who demonstrate the qualities sought after by the firm will be fast-tracked to attend an assessment centre for the summer internship. 

#14: BNP Paribas | Early careers Spring week 

On the spring week programme at BNP Paribas, you’ll gain the opportunity to get a feel for what it is like working at one of the world’s leading banks. 

The programme is open to first-year undergraduate students from any degree discipline. 

Spring Insight week overview BNP Paribas

#15: BlackRock 

BlackRock offers a spring insight programme in their London, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Milan and Zurich offices. The programme gives candidates more information about BlackRock and acts as a feeder onto the summer analyst, placement and off-cycle internship opportunities. 

#16: Aviva Investors 

The spring insight opportunity has been designed to give students an insight into the world of asset management. 

To apply for the spring week opportunity at Aviva Investors, you will need to submit your CV, complete an online situational judgement test and complete a telephone interview. 

#17: Rothschild spring week 

Rothschild’s spring week programme gives candidates an insight into their different divisions and will allow them to become fully immersed in life at Rothschild & Co. 

#18: Nomura | Explore Nomura programme

Nomura offers a four-day programme for students in their first year of s three-year degree, or second year of a four-year degree. The programme offers a unique insight into the career opportunities at a leading investment bank.

On the Nomura spring week, you’ll learn more about the following three divisions: Investment Banking, Global Markets and Corporate Infrastructure. 

Find out more about the student opportunities at Nomura

#19: Macquarie | Insight programme 

Macquarie offers a four-day programme designed to immerse students into the financial sector. 

On the programme, you will attend networking sessions and skills-based sessions, get work shadowing opportunities, attend panel discussions and more. 

Why Spring weeks are so important

In this video, Afzal Hussein explains why it is so important to get a place on a spring week.

He highlights that getting a place on a spring week and successfully completing one puts you in a natural recruitment funnel, increasing your chances of getting onto a summer internship and graduate scheme.

Afzal Hussein YouTube

Everything You Need to Know About Spring Weeks


How we can help you 

Here at Graduate Coach we help students, graduates and career changers to turn their degrees into careers and reach their full career potential. 

If you need some help or guidance with your spring week applications, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We also offer one-to-one career coaching, interview coaching, online courses and more. 

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