Six great videos to help you improve your interview skills

Feb 26, 2015

‘You win an interview on such little things,’ says Graduate Coach Chris Davies.

And so it is those little things that you need to focus on if you want to improve your interview skills.

Nothing feels quite as good as walking out of an interview room feeling like you’ve done well. And nothing will set you on the right track for ensuring your interview is a success than being well prepared.

So this week we are bringing you a selection of excellent videos from our Graduate Coach resource library focused helping you to sail through your next interview. No matter how many interviews you go to you want to ensure that you are well prepared for the next one. Take a quick look at the videos below for some great tips on getting better at them.

Video 1: What’s the real secret to standing out on your CV or at your interview?

When we interviewed Natalie Goulder, head of graduate recruitment at Peugeot Citroen, we got some fantastic insights into what leading companies like hers are really looking for. Find out whether you have the interview skills, competence and character to stand out as the type of employee that top companies want, and why it is not just about your degree.

Video 2: Research is a key part of preparing for an interview:

Prior to going for an interview you must research the company really well. This will give you lots of interesting questions to ask, sharpen your answers, deepen your discussion at the interview and, most of all, help to convince the employer that you really are interested in the job. In this video Graduate Coach Chris Davies reveals where to look for vital information.

Video 3: What’s research got to do with it? A lot, actually!

Let’s assume you’ve done your research on the company you’re hoping to join. Having got to the point where you know all you can about the company, its market and its competitors, what do you do with the information? How can you best use it?  In this video Graduate Coach Chris Davies shares tips on using the information you’ve gathered.

Video 4: Beat those interview nerves once and for all!

Are you the type that often feels nervous before or during an interview? Calm down! Graduate Coach TV shares why people often feel nervous about interviews as well as some useful tips on how overcoming interview nerves so you can concentrate on just getting the job.

Video 5: Very few interviewees know how to ask for the job!

Asking for the job may seem like a strange thing to do but an employer will never truly feel confident to offer you a position until he or she knows that you truly want it. Join Chris Davies in this live recorded discussion as he shares career tips on why you should close your interview by asking for the job – and how to actually do it without coming across too desperate!

Video 6: Career tips on preparing for the moments before an interview starts:

Did you know there are some things you can do to make a great impression before you even enter the interview room? Graduate Coach TV gives you a list of steps you can take to ensure you get off to a flying start and make an impressionable arrival for your next interview.­­

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