23 Recruitment agencies for graduates

Mar 22, 2020

If you’ve graduated, and are looking for a job, you may decide to sign up with some recruitment agencies. Luckily for you. we have compiled a list of recruitment agencies for graduates. These companies specialise in early careers and are experts in graduate recruitment.

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1. Debut 

Debut is a platform that connects top employers to graduates. The Debut app allows students and graduates to create a profile and browse through graduate job opportunities. The app contains everything you need to find an internship or graduate job all in one place. 

The app also allows graduate recruiters to reach out directly to job seekers. 

Download the Debut app

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2. Give A Grad A Go 

Give a grad a go is a recruitment agency for graduates.

If you have 0-3 years of experience under your belt, Give A Grad A Go may be able to help you.

To get help from Give A Grad a go you’ll need to first create your profile, then you can start applying for the graduate job opportunities on their job board. 

If your application makes it onto a shortlist, a recruitment consultant will give you a call. During this call, the consultant will tell you more about the company and the role. The client may then invite you to interview. 

Apply for graduate jobs on Give A Grad A Go

3. Inspiring Interns and Grads

Inspiring Interns and Grads allows graduates to browse job listings on their site and upload your CV. If successful, you will be invited into their office to complete a video CV. Then you will be matched to graduate jobs and/or internships depending on your needs. 

Browse graduate jobs on Inspiring interns and grads 

Recruitment agencies for graduates

4. Wiser Graduates

Wiser graduates is a graduate recruitment agency based in London. They have specialist consultants that help candidates to find a suitable position. 

Once you’ve registered with Wiser Graduates, you will receive a call from a consultant who will guide you. 

The work with top brands in the UK such as RedBull, Worldpay, Just Eat, Whitbread, Expedia and more. 

Apply for Wiser Graduates 

5. Graduate Recruitment Bureau 

GRB have over 23 years of experience in placing student and graduate talent. 

GRB’s recruiters have placed 600, 000 students and graduates with FTSE250 and SMEs employees in all industries around the world. 

Register with GRB 

6. Aspire Graduates

Aspire specialises in recruiting for the digital, media and marketing communications industry. 

They help graduates who are looking for jobs in technology, SEO/PPC, sales, marketing, events and more.

Aspire has a graduate job board on their website where they advertise graduate-level jobs.

Send your CV to Aspire

7. Sanctuary Graduates 

Sanctuary Graduates are a graduate and intern recruitment agency. The work with over 1000 on-campus student headhunters and student societies to build a pool of talented graduates. 

They have a job board on their site where they regularly advertise new graduate jobs. 

Register with Sanctuary Graduates here 

8. Bright Network 

Bright Network is partnered with over 300 leading employers including Accenture, Aldi, Bloomberg, Deloitte, Deliveroo, KPMG, Google and many more. 

If you are looking to get a place on a graduate scheme at a top company or a graduate job at a fast-growing start-up take a look at the graduate programmes at Bright Network.

As a member of Bright Network, you will be invited to networking events hosted by their partner companies and you will be able to apply for graduate opportunities. 

In order to become a Bright Network member, you will need to be a university student or a recent graduate.

Sign up to Bright Network 

9. Bridgewater Graduates

Bridgewater prides themselves on building real, lasting relationships with their clients in order to shape their business. 

They have been placing graduates within a wide range of companies for over a decade. 

Find out more about Bridgewater Graduates

10. Tiger Recruitment  

Tiger Recruitment experts in graduate recruitment in London, Bristol and further afield. Tiger Recruitment seeks graduates who are eager to learn and who are highly adaptable.

They form partnerships with universities and education providers across the UK to source suitable candidates. 

Register with Tiger Recruitment 

11. DigitalGrads 

DigitalGrads is a graduate recruitment company that helps students who wish to pursue digital careers. 

When candidates sign up, they get an online profile on the platform, showcasing their qualifications and experience. Candidates also get access to DigitalGrads Academy where they can complete online courses in email marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, social media and more. 

Register with DigitalGrads  

12. STEM Graduates 

STEM Graduates is a specialist recruitment agency for graduates who come from a STEM background.  

Their recruitment consultants are regularly contacted by employers with graduate jobs that they need to fill. 

If you are looking for a role in science, technology, engineering or maths, you can create a free account on the STEM graduates website. 

Register with STEM Graduates

13. IT Graduate Recruitment 

IT Graduate Recruitment is a recruitment company that specialises in helping graduates to get a job in the IT sector. They specialise in placing graduates in analyst, development and support roles. 

They have a job board on their site that they update with new IT-related graduate opportunities. 

Register with IT Graduate Recruitment  

14. Celcius  

Celcius are specialists in graduate recruitment. They match first-class graduates with first-class IT sales jobs. 

They have strong relationships with many companies across the UK in sectors including retail, pharmaceutical, finance and IT. 

They have a job board where they advertise their graduate opportunities. 

Register with Celcius 

15. Instant Impact

Instant impact is an award-winning recruitment agency for graduates.

They connect graduates to employers in London and across the UK. Instant impact has helped 1000+ graduates to get jobs in sectors including marketing, communications, operations, sales, technology, consulting and business development. 

Sign up with Instant impact

16. BrighterBox 

BrighterBox connects the brightest candidates with the best graduate jobs in London and Manchester. 

To get updates with the latest graduate jobs on their job board, you can sign up to their weekly newsletter via WhatsApp.

Sign up to BrighterBox 

17. The Graduate 

The Graduate is an agency that is dedicated to graduate recruitment. Their service is designed to match high-quality graduates with employers. They specialise in a wide range of sectors, including: Marketing, IT, Legal, logistics, accounting and more. 

Register at The Graduate

18. Rare  

Rare recruitment is an agency that helps bright students and graduates who are from underrepresented backgrounds. 

They partner with a wide range of employers in several sectors including: Law, Consulting, Banking and professional services. 

Apply to Rare 

19. SEO London 

SEO London prepares talented students/graduates from ethnic minorities or low socioeconomic backgrounds for academic success. 

They are partnered with several companies within sectors including law, banking, consulting, technology and professional services. 

Register with SEO London

20. EmployAbility 

EmployAbility is a not-for-profit organisation that specialises in helping students and graduates with disabilities or long-term illnesses. 

They are partnered with a wide range of employers from a broad range of sectors including Google, JP Morgan, Amazon, FCA, Goldman Sachs and more. 

If you are a disabled student or graduate looking for an internship or graduate programme, EmployAbility can help you. 

Register with EmployAbility

21. Intergrad 

Intergrad is a recruitment agency for international graduates who studied in the UK and wish to gain employment here. 

They have formed longstanding relationships with leading companies in the UK that recruit graduates. 

Once you have signed up, you can search for job and internship opportunities, set up alerts for new opportunities and feature in their talent bulletin. 

Register with Intergrad 

22. Sphere Digital

Sphere Graduate Recruitment matches recent graduates and those who have up to one year of experience with digital roles, at a wide range of agencies, brands and start-ups across the UK.

Register with Sphere

23. Dartmouth

Dartmouth partners is an award-winning recruitment consultancy that specialises in helping graduates to go from the classroom to the boardroom.

They have a dedicated team who works with their graduates. Discover more about how they help graduates.

Recruitment agencies for graduates: summary

Recruitment agencies can be a useful tool for graduates who are looking for full-time positions. 

We hope this post has been useful and helps you with your job hunt. 

Here at Graduate Coach, we prepare students and graduates for a successful career by equipping them with lifelong skills such as the ability to:

  • Write an excellent achievement-based graduate CV
  • Write convincing cover letters, that stands out from the crowd
  • Pass online and psychometric tests 
  • Nail all types of interviews including telephone interviews, video interviews, assessment centres and traditional face-to-face interviews. 

We offer a one-to-one career coaching programme that guarantees a graduate job.   

Frequently asked questions about recruitment agencies for graduates 

What is a recruitment agency? 

Recruitment agencies act as an intermediary between candidates who are looking for work, and companies who are looking for employees. 

Recruitment agencies develop relationships with companies and help them to find suitable employees to fill their vacancies. 

How do recruitment agencies work? 

  1. A company will send the recruitment agency the job description, outlining the vacancy they are trying to fill. 
  2. The recruitment agency will then shortlist potential candidates 
  3. The company then invites candidates for an interview
  4. If the company decides to hire the candidate, they pay the recruitment agency

What are graduate recruitment agencies? 

Graduate recruitment agencies work specifically with graduates, helping them to find roles within companies who are seeking graduates to fill their vacancies. 

What are the benefits of using a recruitment agency as a graduate? 

  • Agencies maintain and grow their network of contacts at partner companies. 
  • As it is in the agencies best interest to get you gainfully employed, they will do their best to support you
  • Some companies exclusively use their recruitment agency to fill their vacancies. Registering with recruitment agencies will help you to gain access to these opportunities. 
  • The agency can help you to negotiate things such as salary and working hours on your behalf.  

How many graduate recruitment companies can I sign up to?

You can join as many graduate recruitment agencies as you wish. 

What to look out for when using graduate recruitment agencies: 

  • Agencies focus on filling a specific vacancy for employers. They may not always find you your ideal job. 
  • Don’t rely solely on graduate recruitment companies to find a graduate job

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