Graduates - Testimonials


Mark S

"I worked with Chris after finishing university and he's able to provide great insight when it comes to navigating the job market and finding a position which suits your interests. I currently work in marketing and Chris was instrumental in helping m...Read More


"He helped me hone my interview technique" Chris was a great help when I was looking for a job once completing my bar exams. He helped me hone my interview technique as well as allowing me to create a CV that demonstrated my skills in an effective...Read More


"With his help I refined my interview skills" Chris is an excellent coach. Working with him was a real pleasure because I could sense his passion and enthusiasm for what he does. With his help I refined my interview skills and my first interview, ...Read More


"...the most helpful thing was the ability and confidence that I was given to answer the hundreds of competency questions that I encountered at phone interview, assessment days and final interviews." Chris has been a huge help to me in getting...Read More


"I would recommend Graduate Coach to anyone looking to receive coaching as a graduate, something that is not easy to find, with such relevance and quality." Graduate Coach has been more than helpful and informative when it has come to their teachi...Read More

Emma J

“Thanks to Chris’ years of advertorial experience... he was able to advise me on the best approach" Since joining the Graduate Coach programme Chris has been an invaluable aid in helping me make the best decisions for a career after graduating...Read More

Vitae M

"far more effective than any of the career advice the university services or employment agency usually provides" Why I came to the course? I was very frustrated about the current climate in the job market as I faced the problem of having no experie...Read More

Robert E

"I also got a better sense of direction for my career which I needed." Why I came on the course: I felt that since I had been looking for a job for a few months without success I would try something which would broaden my employability prospects....Read More