Companies - Testimonials

Top companies that have employed graduates of Graduate Coach.

The people who’ve hired the people we’ve coached.

All these companies have seen the benefit of giving jobs to people we’ve trained. In fact, most of these firms snapped up our students as soon as they came onto the job market. In part these immediate successes were due to Graduate Coach’s extensive network of contacts, which are prevalent in the financial and marketing sectors. But it’s also because these companies trust Graduate Coach only to recommend viable candidates. Let’s hear what they have to say about Graduate Coach.

  • Limetree Online Limited
  • The Charlotte Street Agency
  • International Co-Production
  • Simbiotik
  • Reed Employment
  • Meet the Real Me
  • JGB Partners
  • Luke Faragher


Jeff Fugler – The Charlotte Street Agency

We have regularly taken on interns via Graduate Coach and have always found them to be of the highest standard. One advantage of hiring via Graduate Coach is that in every instance we have found them ready to hit the ground running. We have had no...Read More

Sadie Johnson – Managing Director at Simbiotik

"Chris always continues to act as a mentor to the grads throughout their internships" Chris has placed several great graduates with us as interns at Simbiotik, two of which we have subsequently taken on in permanent positions. Candidates are alway...Read More

Ben Norton – Commercial Director at ICP

"I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris and Graduate Coach for any organisation" Given a short lead time and a skeletal project outline Chris quickly provided two well-briefed young interns that possessed the IQ/EQ you hope for. They and...Read More

Malcolm Graham – CEO of LimeTree

"We have hired several candidates that have been through training with Chris" Chris provides an excellent graduate coaching service. We have hired several candidates that have been through training with Chris and they have all interviewed very wel...Read More