24 Job Websites for Graduates

Apr 12, 2020

We have compiled a list of job websites for graduates to make your job search a lot easier! 

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Here’s a list of job websites for graduates:  

General job websites for graduates 

The following job websites for graduates allow you to search for opportunities in all sectors and industries. 

  1. Target jobs advertise graduate job opportunities across a wide range of sectors including law, engineering, HR, Media FMCG and many more. 
  2. Milkround allows you to browse through several graduate job vacancies including Design, Education, Marketing and Sports.  
  3. Save the student has a job search engine for students and graduates. The search engine compiles graduate job vacancies form job sites such as Milkround, Monster, Reed, Target jobs and total jobs. 
  4. Prospects allows you to search for graduate jobs and filter your search based on salary, location, type of work and sector. 
  5. GradJobs host career exhibitions and have a job search tool on their site. 
  6. GraduateLand advertises graduate jobs and career events. If you are looking for a graduate job in Europe, this site may be useful for you. 
  7.  JobsGraduate is part of the CV-Library Group, and advertises job vacancies for graduates across all industries. 
  8. GetMyFirstJob advertises graduate job vacancies across several sectors including finance, law, marketing and IT. 
  9. graduatejobs.com allows students and graduates to search for internships, graduate jobs and graduate schemes across all sectors. 
  10. The Big Choice allows you to search for graduate jobs by industry. 
  11. Bright Network is a network of university students and graduates. They host several networking events every year and have a job board on their site listing graduate jobs in all sectors from accounting to technology.
  12. Debut features a job board specifically for graduates. They also have an app that is available on the App Store and Google Play.
  13. Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB) shares graduate recruitment advice and allows you to search for graduate jobs and internships.
  14. GradConnection helps students and graduates to find both internships and graduate jobs.
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Specific job websites for graduates

If you already know what sector you wish to work in after university, check out our specific list of job websites for graduates.

Creative Graduate jobs 

Here are some job websites for graduates looking for a creative graduate job. 

  1. Fashion Workie advertises graduate opportunities for graduates who want to pursue a career in creative industries such as fashion design, marketing, PR, retail, visual merchandising and more. 
  2. The Dots lists internship, job and freelance opportunities at graduate and entry-level in creative industries such as design, production, media, product marketing, UX/UI and more. 

STEM Graduate jobs  

Looking for a job in science, technology, engineering or maths? Here are some job websites for graduates who have a STEM background. 

  1. Gradcracker is a job website for graduates who studied a STEM-related degree who wishes to find a STEM-related job. 
  2. STEM Graduates feature graduate job vacancies for graduates who studied a degree related to science, engineering, technology or mathematics. 
  3. Just Engineers. This job board has a list of jobs specifically for engineering graduates who wish to pursue a career in the engineering field.
  4. NewScientist Jobs. Check out this job board if you are looking for a graduate job in scientific fields such as biochemistry, immunology, ecology and more.

Charity jobs 

Here are some useful sites if you are looking for a job in the charity sector.

  1. CharityJob allows you to browse jobs within the third sector. 
  2. Thirdsector jobs advertise voluntary, not for profit and charity jobs. 

Digital jobs

Hoping to launch your graduate career in digital?

  1. Digital Grads is a platform for those who wish to pursue a career in the digital field. Once you become a member, you will gain access to free online digital marketing courses. You will also be contacted when graduate employers are interested in your profile.
  2. DevIT aims to bring more transparency, openness and diversity to the British IT market making the job search process of software engineers more enjoyable.

We hope that you have found this list of job websites for graduates handy. Use it as a tool for finding graduate opportunities when searching for your dream graduate job.

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