Interview Training and Coaching

Interview Training and Coaching

Interview Coaching and Training from Graduate Coach develops your job finding skills to improve your chances of getting the job you want.

Coaching covers all the skills you need get past the interview stage. You will learn:

How to ask and answer interview questions more effectively

A huge part of the secret to making the right impression at an interview is to know how to answer interview questions well, as well as how to ask great interview questions. Our interview coaching looks at all of the most common questions you get asked at an interview. We then look at what’s behind these questions – in other words, the answer the interviewer is hoping you will give. Once you know what this is you can give the right information. We also coach you to know how to ask intelligent questions at an interview as this can give you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and experience and therefore suitability for the job in question.

How to handle different types of interview styles

There are many different types of interviews and you may be required to go through two or more in the process to being interviewed for a single job. We therefore coach you to be comfortable and confident with all types of interview formats, whether that’s one to one interviews, telephone interviews, group interviews or assessment days. You will learn about body language, the right way to stand out while working with other people, communication skills, listening skills and much more.

How to prepare for your interview well

Many graduates think they can waltz into the interview room and bluff their way through an interview without preparing for the experience. Graduate Coach believes that if you want an interviewer to take you seriously you need to take the job seriously and to prepare for it properly. We coach you to do this and to develop a range of skills that will be useful to you both at the interview and when you get the job. This includes researching the company and industry, how to use the research to leverage your chances, how to ask for the job without seeming desperate, and practical steps to take before and after an interview.

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