How to Prepare for an Interview by Doing Research

How to Prepare for an Interview by Doing Research

Confidence is an essential component of a successful job interview. However, it’s no use if you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about! True confidence comes as a result of being comprehensively prepared before facing the employer’s questions.

There is nothing more irritating than coming out of an interview and remembering a great response to a question that you answered badly. The answer to this is to prepare for an interview by doing research. It is what separates those that impress from those who are easily forgotten after an interview.

Cover all your Bases by doing your Research

Get on the internet and research the company back to front as soon as you have been granted an interview. By ensuring that you are clued up on what the company is all about, you can impress interviewers with your knowledge, initiative and enthusiasm. During the interview, you can call up useful pieces of information you have gleaned from your research. Dropping in well-informed references to the website will show that you are a self-starter which is what many employers will be looking for. Just remember, most interviewers are experienced in sniffing out weaknesses. And if you haven’t done any research or preparation, it won’t look impressive.


Know the right kind of enthusiasm to show. If you turn up too early for your interview or try too hard to impress, it can be construed as being a little desperate. Arming yourself with the right kind of knowledge will not be looked upon in the same way.

Go to the Functions

Many companies hold regular presentations so why not head along? You may even meet your interviewer and get a chance to establish a rapport with him or her.

Broaden your Mind

Read up on literature that corresponds to the industry you are planning to enter. For instance, if you’re going for a job in finance, have a read through Money Week or Finance Magazine. Stay alert to news that concerns the company you are to be interviewed by. If they pop up in a story you can use the information to broaden your understanding of the firm and to impress in your forthcoming interview.

Snoop Around

Utilise your social network to find someone who works at the company who will be interviewing you. Slip them a quick email asking if there’s anything that they can think of that would be useful to you. Questions might cover aspects such as the general atmosphere in the office, how people tend to work, if they socialise together, the style of management, etc … The better your knowledge is, the more confident you will be.

Do it Now!

Everyone with internet access can look at a company’s website, so make the effort to go that bit further. If you know who will be interviewing you, Google them. See if they’ve written any articles, do they have a blog, are they on Twitter? Look for articles on the company in newspapers or industry magazines.

Try to Predict the Company Requirements

Go back over the list of specifications in the job advert and try to delve deeper into their meanings. For example, if it reads “Candidate must have advanced communication skills”, this probably means you will need to be easy to talk to and confident when meeting new people.

If it says, “Candidate will need to be a self-starter”, chances are that the role may be unstructured and that you will need to be the one to structure it. The more you can convey your understanding of the job, the more the interviewer will think you are suited to it.

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