Finance job interview questions

Finance job interview questions

A bit of preparation is all you need to answer finance job interview questions well on a telephone interview

One of the most important parts of the job finding process is preparing for the all too scary face to face interview. As with all job interviews, being prepared is fundamental. Researching background information on the company and being armed with a few interesting questions will always serve you well.

Even though there are no set finance job interview questions, there are some ways you can go into a telephone interview for a financial position with confidence.

This stage is the chance to communicate your skills and what abilities you will be able to bring to the business. Whilst it is important to convey your analytic ability and practical nature, employers will be looking for personality too. Listing off your skills in a monotone order will just put interviewers to sleep.

Preparing for your finance job interview questions

With telephone interviews, it’s that much harder to gauge your employer’s reaction so it is important you handle the telephone conversation with confidence and personality when answering finance job interview questions.

As telephone interviews will be planned ahead of time, find somewhere quiet and free of distractions to conduct the call. Keep a copy of your CV and the company/job information in front of you in case you get tongue tied!

Practice listing your skills in front of a mirror with no notes. Smile – when you’re on the phone this may seem silly but it actually projects your voice to sound more friendly and relaxed. This is bound to help you score points with the interviewer, make both of you feel more at ease with the whole finance job interview questions.

What will you be asked during the interview?

Some potential areas that might be covered on your finance telephone interview include:

  • Your research into the company – you will really need to show and make it clear you have a keen interest in the company, so cover information available both directly from the company and any media coverage.
  • An understanding of what the job will entail – this will be important, you don’t want to be surprised if an interviewer asks what you imagine the job involves.
  • A demonstrable interest in finance will also be crucial – this is about showing the history of your interest. Make sure you have been keeping an eye on any news worthy articles both on a local and international scale. Finance job interview questions will be focused around the industry so you will need to prove this is something you really want and are interested in.
  • Any previous work experience you may have – interviewers will ask about the financial and non-financial skills and experience you have gained from past jobs, paid or otherwise. Think about these and be prepared to show exactly what has led you to believe you can do the job better than anyone else.
  • Ask questions – if at the end of the interview you are invited to ask a question of your own, always be prepared. It’s best not to ask about holidays or time off as this suggests you’re not really committed to the job; better to ask questions about future plans, opportunities for progression or how the company is dealing with latest trends.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected – you can prepare for something you are not expecting if you are prepared that the interview may ask something that you did not think of. If this happens, there’s no harm in buying thinking time if an unexpected question comes up by repeating the question back to interviewer, then using the extra time to come up with an answer.

Above all else, remember to stay relaxed, which might be easier said than done, but if you’ve secured an interview the employer clearly thinks you’re a potential candidate.

Finance job interview questions are designed to show your skills and personality so just keep in mind this is the right job for you it’s just a case of showing your interviewer how much you want it!

Best of luck!

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