The 10 key qualities employers seek.

The 10 key qualities employers seek.

Potential employers actively seek a number of specific employability skills. These are the 10 key ones identified by the CBI
Employability Skills Survey of 2010. I will make sure you demonstrate all of them in interviews.

  • One, not being afraid to push yourself;
  • Two, the talent to communicate with empathy and in an impactful way;
  • Three, the aptitude to look at things differently;
  • Four, the willingness to give others ‘a leg up’;
  • Five, the capacity to get on with fellow workers;
  • Six, being happy to speak up;
  • Seven, the capability to manage different priorities;
  • Eight, the facility to embrace change;
  • Nine, the readiness to go further and work harder;
  • And ten, the ability to stand out in a crowded market.

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