Where to look for Graduate finance Internships

Where to look for Graduate finance Internships

One of the most popular routes to a career in finance is to take up finance internships. This route is the best way to learn, develop experience and secure a long term future in finance. Finance internships provide the perfect opportunity for insight into the finance industry, build up your contact list and ultimately begin your career in financial services.

Despite the financial double dip recession, the UK finance industry continues to be one of the most sought after career areas for new graduates. This is, in part, due to the starting salaries for UK graduates being amongst the highest in the job industry.

While there are a number of finance internships available, the high level of competition has meant that securing an internship has become increasingly difficult. Internships and graduate programmes will usually mean securing an eventual full time position so this adds to their popularity.

Although finance internships are difficult to secure, the finance industry is a broad sector that has a wide range of professions. Some of the most common areas within the finance sector include accountants, financial analysts, bank cashiers and bank managers.

The following are some potential specific areas for entry, but even if you start in a different sector you can work your way through the company, learning valuable skills and getting to know your company inside out! You would naturally start off in either a supportive or trainee role.

Job areas to consider when looking for finance internships

  • Accountant

    is at the heart of business and vital for the internal processes. It requires strong attention to detail and numbers

  • Financial Analyst

    Are responsible for researching the economic conditions alongside company values to make informed and instructive recommendations

  • Financial Advisor

    Will provide advice to their private and corporate clients

  • Bank Cashier

    Cashiers are trained up and evolve their way up the system. Learning all the way, cashiers can be trained in specific mortgages, insurance, credit cards or loans

  • Risk Manager

    Using modelling systems to determine all the potential risks of investments and products for their clients

Standing out on finance internships

Graduates can expect to work beyond the typical 9-5 and it will be difficult to make your mark without showing that you are hard worker. However the rewards of your financial internship will far outweigh the extended hours. Also, learning as much as you can about your workplace and colleagues will make entering a full time paid position more likely.

Finance internships won’t be focused on academic or personality alone; it will be based on both. Showing that you’re hard working is crucial but employers will need to see you have a life outside the academic too so don’t hesitate to let your personality show. It’s also important to have extra-curricular activities such as sports, clubs and charity work listed.

With internships being so highly sought after, it is easy to become disheartened if you don’t get one. However, applying for other sectors as well as temporary back office roles will show your commitment and will allow you to make important invaluable contacts. Applying for multiple positions is key to success so spread your net as wide as possible to ensure you are taking advantage of all opportunities.

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