Skills you need to get an entry level marketing internship

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Whatever marketing role you want to pursue, there are some essential skills you will need to be successful at landing even an entry level marketing internship and, eventually, your first job in marketing.

An overview of the main skills you need to get a marketing internship

  • Communication

    whatever type of marketing internship you are after, you need to have good communication skills, both written and verbal. Can you write in a clear and engaging way? Are you able to get your point across clearly when speaking? Are you able to work with people from different backgrounds? If you can answer yes then you are off to a good start toward finding your entry level marketing internship role.

  • Analysing data

    this skill will be particularly prized if you are after advertising internships. As a marketer you will be gathering lots of information to help you understand your market better, track important changes and trends, and monitor progress. In order to do this well you need to possess the type of mind that can make sense of facts and figures, to see the story behind the story, and to interpret them in useful and meaningful ways.

  • Research

    all advertising and marketing internships require this skill. The best researcher will be a curious type of person, someone with an inquiring mind who can ask the right type of questions. You will need this attribute, as well as the ability to be persistent as you follow leads to gather the facts you need. Possessing an open mind will also help you to spot things other people may miss, such as the reason behind a change in performance or behaviour, or where a market might be headed for next. Such skills can make the winning difference to a product or service for customers. Demonstrate that you have them and you will stand a better chance of landing that marketing internship position.

  • Problem solving

    graduate jobs in marketing offer great opportunities to show how useful you can be since, like many other business roles, marketing is about solving a problem. It does so by engaging with the product, brand, customers and competition. Typical problems you may need to solve include getting a message to stand out from others, launching a new product, tackling a downturn in sales, beating off new competition in the market, finding new customers and keeping current ones. If you think you are good at finding ways solve problems then you are in good stead.

  • Organisation skills

    whether this is organising facts and figures or people and projects, you need to show that you are able to prioritise, plan and balance different resources, tasks and ideas so that people understand what your message is about and why they should choose what you’re offering over a competitor. You need to know where everything is at each stage so that your message is coherent.

  • Creative thinking

    many people will be shouting out about the same or similar products, services or causes to your own, so how do you stand out for the best marketing internship opportunities? Well, often it is by the ideas behind the promotion of the product or service. These ideas must come from someone in the marketing team. It could be you, and they could help you to shine even in your entry level marketing position. Ideas people are creative thinkers. They take risks to think outside the box so they can come up with interesting ways to present a story.

Marketing internships and other sources of experience

Because a lot of what happens in marketing is creative it is a role that largely depends on the individual personality of the person in the role. You can show that you are the right person through your extra curricular experiences as well as any work experience gained through internships.

Having reviewed these skills, which are by no means exhaustive, your next step is to look at your career and academic history so far to uncover them. Look at any voluntary work, uni projects, gap year experiences, community work, work experience, hobbies and interests. You may be surprised at what you find.

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