Finding Graduate Finance Internships in London

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Finding graduate finance internships in London, the centre of the financial industry, can be a huge challenge for two main reasons: first, finance can be a hugely rewarding field and the City a highly popular choice for places to work. That makes it highly competitive.

The second reason why finding finance internships in London is hugely challenging is that jobs in finance span a wide and varied range. It is difficult knowing where to start.

Graduate jobs in finance – choosing one

The main finance job categories can be organised as follows:

  • Accountancy

    a very specific area of finance in itself with jobs spanning book keeping to chartered accountancy. These jobs deal with the everyday financial operations of a business.

  • Banking

    interestingly only 10 or 12 people actually work in a revenue-generating role in banking. The remainder of roles, though all equally important and satisfying career paths, tend to be in administration, tax, legal and operations, to support the revenue-generating roles.

  • Investment banking

    these roles cover mergers and acquisitions.

  • Structuring

    this is an area that depends more on maths and analytical skills.

  • Sales

    these types of jobs span a range of other industries and environments, such as advertising, retail, b2b and recruitment.

  • Support services

    a wide number of job types that can cover anything from an analyst whose job is to identify investment or growth areas, to people who deal with taxation and legal issues surrounding finance, to clerks and banking operators.

  • Trading

    buying and selling shares, and dealing with bonds and assets can also be positioned across any industry from b2b to consumer.

  • Wealth management

    working with pension funds, unit trusts, investment trusts and the like.

Graduate finance internships in London – getting the skills you need

So, if you know the sort of finance job you want then that obviously helps, because you can then focus on developing the right skills through the right finance internships to achieve that goal.

If you are unsure then it can be a little tricky to develop the skills that will help you to stand out and get that internship or job. However, tricky does not mean impossible as there are some skills central to succeeding in the finance industry that you can develop and, during the process, you will also get a better idea of the exact route you want to take. Besides, you are more likely to help than hinder your career with each graduate finance internship you get – after all you are still building your experience.

Even entry-level finance jobs require some experience to kick-start your financial career, so start building your experience as early as possible along your career route by seeking out finance internships, or at least an internship where some finance work is involved. If the work is specific to the type of job in finance you would like, perhaps a career in banking or accountancy, then even better.

Other ways to develop your skills in finance include roles you take on at university or voluntary work in your local or international community.

You may have personal experience of projects of your own (for example, hobbies or interests) through which you have been able to develop your skills in budgeting, financial planning or bookkeeping.

Do not forget to include all of these areas of experience and what you achieved through them on your CV.

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