Finding entry level Finance Jobs

Finding entry level Finance Jobs

Graduate Coach looks at the two main ways to finding entry level finance jobs

The financial services industry in London remains one of the most popular industries for new graduates. It can be daunting coming into such a popular and competitive industry as a brand new graduate, however there are several different opportunities for you to move forward into a career in finance.

Entry level finance jobs in London can come in many different forms, the most popular of these being through internship programmes. Internships are a great way to get your foot in through the door of large banking families, allowing graduates to learn about the industry and gain valuable skills to move forward in their finance career.

Companies offering entry level finance positions

Most leading companies will offer a training scheme designed to help transition into high paid positions. Entry level finance jobs in London will be available for ambitious, academic and driven candidates with lots of personality and tenacity. It is also important to be money-driven and hungry for success. Most companies will ask for a 2.1 or above when recruiting and require candidates with a strong attention to detail as well as a confident, friendly personality.

Some potential companies who advertised graduate/entry level positions are below.

  • Barclays offer a two-year training scheme, which is a fantastic starting point and allows entrants to generate a wealth of expertise and experience. This Barclay’s position will give new entrants a chance to manage their own projects and influence senior figures. This unique opportunity will also allow you to study for a CIMA or ACA qualification extending your background and ultimately providing you the skills to become a senior figure.
  • Lloyds offer a range of different programmes targeted towards their entry level applicants including summer internships, insight days, scholars, MBAs and apprenticeships. Lloyds offer their graduates a number of different areas to work across finance, general management, HR and IT departments.
  • Bloomberg offer unique entry level finance jobs in London. They provide a high level of specialist market focus roles which teach their graduates how to form a strong background in the commodities market.

Finance internships

Internships are an invaluable chance to immerse yourself in the financial world. New applicants will be exposed to various financial reporting systems as well as developing business strategy and performance. There will be the opportunity to make excellent contacts and, providing you are diligent and eager to learn, most internships will result in a full time position being offered as well as the opportunity to move up internally.

Other routes into entry level finance jobs

Due to graduate programmes being highly competitive, with hundreds of applicants and only a few positions available, it is not uncommon to pursue other paths into the industry. With this in mind, another potential route for entry level finance jobs in London to enter the financial market is through internal temp positions. Taking a route through the back office means you will be able to gain vital experience, contacts and background and even though it may be a longer route, temp office roles are more widely available and can be a viable choice for those unsuccessful in intern roles.

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