How we helped an Economics graduate to get a job in PPC

Nov 3, 2020

Are you an analytically-minded graduate, eager to launch a challenging and exciting career?

In this post, we share the inspiring story of how an Economics graduate that we coached landed a PPC job and went on to become an entrepreneur!

I worked with Chris after getting a degree in Economics from Durham University in 2014.

I had no idea what I wanted to do with my career, and Chris quickly identified digital marketing as an area that would suit me well. I’d never even heard of digital marketing at that point, but within a month I’d started a new job at a fantastic small marketing agency!

I worked for a year at that agency, and then another year at another leading agency, before setting up my own freelance digital marketing consultancy.

As of October 2020, I’ve been running my business for 4 years and am now organically growing it into an agency.

What’s more, I’m currently merging my business with another small agency, owned by a friend of mine, and we have some big plans!

I also run a lead generation website, HomeSage, and coach some grads with Chris to give something back by helping others into their own careers in digital. In fact, I recently hired one of Chris’s grads myself!

In less than six years, I’ve gone from being a directionless fresh grad, working part-time as a waiter and living with my parents, to having a hugely fulfilling, engaging and rewarding career that I know is for life.

Much of that is down to a lot of hard work, and even more luck, but it certainly wouldn’t have happened without Chris’s mentoring, encouragement and guidance!

Want to follow in this grad’s footsteps?

We can help you here at Graduate Coach to get a good graduate job. We offer one-to-one career coaching and interview coaching services.

We also offer online courses and books designed to help you to get a job.

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