How to Ace Remote Job Interviews

Dec 4, 2014

In today’s job market, candidates are likely to face one of two types of remote job interviews. Employers and agencies use these remote interview methods to improve their recruitment process and lower costs. The two remote interview methods that you might be facing are the phone interview and the web chat video interview. In this post we will offer tips to help you successfully negotiate your remote job interview.

Acing Remote Job Interviews: Telephone Job Interview Tips

Many recruiters use telephone interviews as an early first stage of a job interview process. A telephone interview is an effective way for them to screen many candidates quickly and with the lowest overall expenditure of any type of interview. Here are our tips to help you ace the telephone interview.

Prepare Well Ahead of Time – Think of the phone interview as a face-to-face interview. Research the employer, the position and prepare notes. If you have questions, you will be given an opportunity to ask them. You’ll do well to prepare some questions.

Dress the Part – You might want to dress professionally, even though the interviewer won’t see you. Studies have shown that dressing the part helps your mind get into the right cognitive state for the challenge.

Choose a Device – Landlines often offer better quality of call vs. mobile and particularly vs. voice over IP phones (VoIP Internet based phones). If possible arrange the interview when you have access to a landline.

Pick a Suitable Area – The location of the interview is incredibly important. Choose a setting that is quiet, particularly in terms of background noise. Before the interview is meant to start, switch off your television, close the door and switch off your phone. The idea is to limit any interruption.

During the Interview – Try and keep your voice levels natural and relaxed. Raising your voice often makes it distorted rather than clear. Experiment with walking around. Walking around and allowing your hands to gesture in a natural way will help you to speak more confidentially and clearly.

Acing Remote Job Interviews: Web Chat Video Interview

More and more recruiters use video chat job interviews as first or second interviews, before or at times even replacing the face-to-face interview. It is growing in popularly due to improvements in Internet speed and availability of integrated webcams in smartphones, tablets and laptops. Here are our tips to help you ace the video chat interview.

Pick a Suitable Area – Similar to the telephone interview, choosing a quiet location is important. Further to this, you must think about the surroundings, particularly behind you. If you intend to take the interview at home, make sure the area behind and around you is fitting. In interior design this is called ‘staging’ whereby you go out of your way to stage the right settings for a temporary duration. You will also do well choosing an area well lit, preferably natural light.

Download, Install and Configure Well Ahead of Time – The interviewer is likely to ask you to download a particular video chat software before the interview commences. Do this well ahead of time as the process of downloading, installing and configuring might take some time. Certain apps such as Skype require you to have a user account, thereby making the process even slightly lengthier.

Dress the Part – Beyond the cognitive influence we have discussed before, the interviewer may see your entire person during the interview. Take no chances and dress head to toe.

Get Ready, Go – Get ready 10 min before the interview is meant to start. Use this time to close your other programs to avoid interruptions.

During the Interview – Try and make eye contact. Do this by looking at the webcam rather than the screen, your desk or window! If you can, drag the chat window nearer the webcam so when you look at the webcam, you are looking at interviewer. Be sure to have good posture when you sit and relax your shoulders to avoid stiffness.

Job luck in your job hunt. For help and coaching, talk to Graduate Coach.

Written by The Carling Partnership. They are an international search and selection company in the drinks and brewery jobs sectors. CPL (The Carling Partnership) works across different sectors from distilling to wine and beer.

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