Economic consulting graduate jobs

May 10, 2020

Are you a recent graduate who is looking for economic consulting graduate jobs? 

In this post, we will share some tips on how to get an economic consulting graduate job and list some of the companies that hire graduate economic consultants. 

What is Economic Consulting? 

Economics is the study of how humans choose to use their scarce resources. Economic consultants apply economic analysis to solve challenges faced by businesses and consumers. 

Companies that hire graduate economic consultants 

The entry requirements for economic consultant graduate jobs vary across companies. 

Generally, companies have a minimum entry requirement for candidates to have either:

  • A 2:1 minimum of an undergraduate degree in Economics or a related subject
  • Postgraduate degree in Economics 
  • A minimum of a 2:1 undergraduate degree in any subject 

Here are some of the companies that hire graduates in economic consulting job roles: 

#1: PwC – Economic Consulting graduate scheme

Entry requirements: A 2:1 degree in Economics or a related subject.

As a graduate on the Economic Consulting graduate scheme at PwC, you will work alongside high-profile clients and law firms to help them during competition investigation and commercial disputes. 

You’ll conduct economic analysis and construct economic arguments using empirical evidence to advise clients on building cases to present to competition authorities, regulators and courts. 

The economic consultants at PwC provide advice in areas such as: competition economics, financial economics, market design and regulation, behavioural economics, econometric modelling and more. 

Find out more about Economic consulting graduate jobs at PwC.  

#2: FTI Consulting – Economic & Financial Consulting

Entry requirements: A minimum of a 2:1 degree. The economic consultant graduates at FTI come from a wide range of degree backgrounds, not limited to economics or finance. 

As a graduate consultant, you’ll have the opportunity to apply your skills and intellect to business and economic challenges. You will work in small teams to carry out quantitative, business and industry analysis and report your findings in a structured way.

As well as your team, you’ll work with international law firms, global conglomerates, FTSE 100 companies, regulators and governments.

As a part of the economic consulting graduate scheme at FTI consulting, you will get the opportunity to also earn qualifications to become a Chartered Accountant (ACA) or a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). 

Find out more about Economic consulting graduate jobs at FTI Consulting.

#3: Frontier Analytics – Analyst programme

Entry requirements: A 2:1 or equivalent degree and a Master’s in Economics. They do accept applications from final year undergraduates who will then go on to study a part-time Masters (part-funded by the company), and attend evening classes twice a week.

Throughout the programme at Frontier Analytics, you’ll be supported by two mentors as you work on projects with economists, senior analysts and directors.

You will get the opportunity to solve client problems, attend internal and external meetings, applying economic frameworks such as econometric modelling, writing reports and more.

Find out more about the analyst programme at Frontier Economics.

#4: Oxera – Graduate Economics Analyst

Oxera are looking for graduate analysts who share their passion for finance, economic and personal growth.

As a graduate, you’ll be able to choose between 3 pathways:

  • Graduate Economics Analyst
  • Graduate Economics Analyst – Econometrics
  • Graduate Analyst – Finance and valuation

The application process involves submitting an online application form, completing a Watson Glaser critical thinking test and attending two rounds of interviews.

Tips for getting an economic consulting graduate job:

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