3 Top Tips for Filling Out a Job Application Form

3 Top Tips for Filling Out a Job Application Form

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The job application form is an important document. You will not get the job without having an interview and you won’t even get as far as an interview if you submit a poor application form.

Therefore, before you begin to worry about whether or not you will get the job, it is essential to spend some time on getting your job application form looking good, right from the start.

Three Must-Dos When Completing a Job Application Form

1. Spelling and Grammar

As someone who sifts through many job application forms, I always put a circle around any spelling and grammar mistakes. One mistake is acceptable – after all, we are all human. But when there are two mistakes, it becomes a bit of a worry. Three mistakes and your job application will automatically be filed in the not suitable pile.

The reason for this is that you have not taken the time and trouble to make sure there are no errors on your employment application form and this would lead to me question your commitment and even your ability to perform the job you are applying for.

You would be surprised just how many employment application forms are received with spelling and grammar mistakes and this is why I am advising you to check for errors before submitting your application.

You could always ask a member of your family or a friend to read through your application for you. They are more likely to spot any mistakes you have made.

The most common of all grammatical mistakes is the misuse of apostrophes so keep a special eye out for this.

2. Do Not Leave Out the Blanks

Do not leave any blanks on the job application form. Read each question and if it is not applicable to you, simply put a line through it or write N/A next to it. Leaving blanks will only lead the interviewer to think you missed the question altogether so by making some sort of note against it, he or she will know you have actually read the question.

3. Handwritten or Typed

Job application forms are much easier to read if they are typed. If the company you are applying to provide an e-application form for their candidates, then use it.

If typing your answers is not an option, make sure you use a good pen and write clearly. In fact, it is best to use a new pen, and then there is no chance it will run out half way through completing your job application form.

When answering the question about why you want the job, it is best to write the answer in rough first. When you have read it through and you are happy with your answer, you can then write it on the employment application form.

If your answer to any question proves to be longer than the space allowed, you should type it on a separate piece of paper and make sure it is attached to the application form. You can write “”please refer to the attached sheet”” next to the question.

One last tip: It is always a good idea to ask for two copies of the job application form. Companies do not usually object to this, but if they do, get a friend to ask for one too. This will cover you for any mistakes you make, even after reading the above tips.

And don’t forget to take a photocopy of the job application form you are submitting. You wouldn’t want to be questioned on it and not remember what you said!

Catherine works as a senior manager for a large financial services organisation and recruits new employees on a regular basis. Learn from the experts and snag the job you want – your dream job!

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