The Stages of Coaching

Bonus Stage


Bonus Track

Stage Four: Job coaching and Mentoring

Needless to say, I will work intensively with you until you land a fitting job. But I will also continue to coach you after you land that job.

In my experience, an ex-graduate’s work in the first year of a job can make or break a career. So I mentor all graduates I have coached until such time as they feel they no longer need my help. This includes teaching them how to negotiate pay rises, assisting them in building networks and introducing them to other graduates I have trained. I regularly host networking events, inviting everyone I have coached to success, plus heads of recruitment agencies and chief executives of companies who have hired alumni of Graduate Coach.

Those who have gained jobs through Graduate Coach find these events beneficial, not least because they give them the chance to meet many like-minded individuals. And, as this story demonstrates, I had enormous difficulty in my first job and count myself lucky that by some miracle I wasn’t fired.

If only I’d had somebody to mentor me. Knowing there was somebody out there to help would have been a great comfort.


  • Duration
    • First year of job and beyond..
  • Tasks
    • Mentoring / discussion with coach
    • Networking Events
  • Knowledge Gained
    • Handling the office environment
    • How to build networks
    • Negotiating payrises / promotions
    • Career progression and eventually when to take the next step