The Stages of Coaching

Interview Practice


Stage Three: Reaching Pitch Perfection

Many of my coaching techniques employ analogies and stories from my own career. These allow you to grasp job winning methods quicker and allow your learning to delve deeper. (One of these stories can be found here: “How I went from failure to success“)

You should be aware that it will take hours to prepare you for interviews. In some cases, I will do six or eight mock telephone interviews with a candidate before they even so much as speak to a potential employer. Often, I will ask a candidate to attend an assessment the day before they take part in a final one-to-one interview. So be prepared for the process to be long and drawn out. This will be particularly true when interviewing for jobs at so called ‘blue chip’ companies. These firms usually demand three and, sometimes four, interview stages before deciding whether or not to hire a candidate.

It’s not your fault – because nobody’s ever explained it to you – but most potential candidates also have no idea how to research a company in depth. Nor do they possess any understanding of the dynamics and politics of job interviews. So these are aspects that I cover off in detail. In the end, though, it all boils down to one thing: attending an interview is no different from when a company presents for new business. It’s a pitch, and preparation is vital. You have to ask better questions, do better research of the company and its competitors, and better understand what is likely to go through interviewers’ minds than anyone else.

This stage alone – taking you to what I describe as ‘Pitch Perfection’ – can sometimes take up to 100 hours. So be prepared to put in the time.


  • Duration
    • Approximately 100 Hours
  • Tasks
    • Mock interviews
    • Company research
    • Assessment pre-interview
  • Knowledge Gained
    • How to research an interviewing company
    • How to handle phone and in-person interviews
    • How to prepare for an interview
    • How to answer key / common interview questions