The Stages of Coaching

Writing a CV


Stage Two: Writing an employer-friendly CV

You can’t hope to land a decent interview if you have a lousy CV.

So, having learnt about you, and you having learnt about yourself, we set about creating a resumé that’s not only better, but 100 per cent employer-friendly. Not just one, either, but a master CV with alternative versions, tailored to specific industries. We will make sure that this new, improved CV clearly highlights achievements and learning gleaned from your life, and that it takes account of your non-academic skills.

But, before that, we employ another of Graduate Coach’s unique tools: an interactive document that works out details of every graduate career and the skills required for it. This provides an essential and immediate guide to what sort of career is likely to suit you.

Finally, we will also develop a LinkedIn profile for you, taking care to include as many recommendations as possible from your friends and acquaintances but, more critically, from those with whom you have worked. A LinkedIn profile is a quick and informal way for potential employers to check references. So it’s important yours stands scrutiny.

When all this is in place, you’re ready to move on to Stage Three: using your employer-friendly CV to apply for interviews.


  • Duration
    • 1 Week
  • Tasks
    • Career assessment tool
    • CV generation
    • LinkedIn profile development
  • Knowledge Gained
    • Employer friendly CV
    • Your work related skills
    • What you have to offer
    • What roles / industries you would be suited to