The Stages of Coaching

Learning about yourself


Stage One: Learning about yourself

The first stage of our coaching involves a series of one-to-one sessions. These sessions are designed to give you a better understanding of yourself and your abilities. We review your academic career, work experience, and your experience of life itself.

We develop this self-awareness and understanding by means of tools and methods that are unique to Graduate Coach. Which means we will ask you to complete Emotional Intelligence, Career and Personal Drivers, and Work Skills questionnaires.

We will encourage you to read and study our eBooks and accompanying literature. We will canvass the views of your friends and family, to hear their opinions of where your talents lie.  Above all, we will listen to you, to discover where you think your talents lie.

All of this can take up to a month and is arguably the most important experience of self-discovery that a young adult can undertake – not least because it will enable you to talk about yourself in some depth.

Interviewers will inevitably ask you about yourself and what makes you tick. Preparation is essential to answer these questions. Once you have worked out who you are, what drives you and which work-related skills you possess, you will begin to understand the possibilities open to you. Time for Stage Two.


  • Duration
    • 1 Month
  • Tasks
    • Assorted questionnaires
    • Ebooks / accompanying literature
    • 3rd party talent assessments
  • Knowledge Gained
    • Self-Actualization
    • Clear picture of what you have to offer
    • What roles / industries you would be suited to