Coaching Documents


Emotional Intelligence – According the Wikipedia, Emotional Intelligence is the ability
to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups. Try this out.

Career Drivers– As individuals we are all motivated by a handful of key values that drive us and our career decisions. This test helps you to work out what drives you.



Getting to Know Yourself Why knowing yourself is crucial to winning at interviews! The focus of this guide is to introduce a few suggestions to help you get better at it.

Career Action Plan Whichever way you look at it no person starts off on a journey without first having some idea of where they are going, do they? This is a guide to help you to
create a map for your career journey. VIDEOS

Get to Know Yourself – Getting ahead in your career is easier when you get to
know yourself better.

What Every Employer Looks for in a Graduate – An enlightening look at what employers say they want to see most in the graduates
that apply to them for a job. This is essential job skills training on how to stand out in front.

Creating a Career Action Plan – Why should you create a career action plan? This video takes up the task of explaining why a mapped out journey is a smoother journey.

Successful Psychometric Tests– Here’s how to ensure you have a stress-free experience when you go for your next psychometric test.



Core Personal Skills (and how to develop yours) – Recognise the core skills employers look for and discover how to demonstrate that you have them.

An Introduction to Employability Skills – Employability skills describe the state of being employable.
In other words, you have the set of skills an employer needs.

Essential Guide to Work Experience-In the current jobs market, possession of a degree is not enough just to have degree. You need essential work experience too.
As well as essential skills for the job, work experience shows employers that you have the initiative, ambition and determination that they are looking for.

Creating Your Own Internships – You know you need to have internships on your CV but it can be difficult to find the right one. Here’s how to take control of your own internship


How to Master Employability Skills – The more employable you are the better your chances of getting the job you want. So, how employable are
you? Find out with this eBook.

How to Get onto a Graduate Training Scheme – Thinking about the job skills training needed to move forward? One
way to develop these is through a graduate training scheme.

Ensuring Your Internship is Successful – A successful internship begins with being prepared before so you can take some essential actions during
and afterwards.



Cover Letters and CVs – In an increasingly competitive jobs market, it is essential to know how to make yourself stand out; not easy when the only materials you have are your CV and your cover letter. With Graduate Coach’s essential guide, writing an
eye-catching CV and a perfect cover letter is well within your reach.

Achievement Based CV – As a job applicant you have just a few seconds to convince a potential employer to invite you in for an interview. That’s why it’s all about your achievements.


Successful CVs – If your CV is successfully written then half the task of getting that dream job is practically done. So, how do you write a great CV?



Researching a Company – When you go along to your interview your only task is to win the job. In order to do this you need to convince your potential employer that you understand who
they are and what they need at an interview. That comes through research.

Essential Guide to Interviews – The most daunting of career-hunting tasks for many is the interview. Graduate Coach will arm you with the knowledge and techniques
to help you sail through this frequently intimidating encounter without breaking.

A Guide to Interview Questions– Tell me about yourself. Why do you think you are the right person for this job? What are your weaknesses? Is there anything you would like
to ask us? We approach the topic of interviews by looking at questions and answers to help you prepare for them.

Essential Guide to Interviews – An employer really does want you to do well at an interview and the questions you are asked are designed to get specific information
so interviewer can determine whether you are suitable. This ebook is a general look at interviews and how you can get better at them.

Great Presentations – The chances are that in university you would have had to do the odd presentation in front of your class, maybe even as often as once
a week, but there is a world of difference between talking in front of your peers and presenting before a potential employer.

Asking for the Job – Ask for the job! Whoever heard of doing that? Well this short guide captures exactly how to do that and why you should do it.


Preparing for an Interview – A handy overview of the little things that make a big difference when you are preparing for an interview.

How to Use Research to Prepare for an Interview – People who do their research before going along to their interviews are far better equipped
to ask better questions, handle answers and sell their skills in the right way.

Successful Telephone Interviews – Don’t make the mistake of underestimating just how important a telephone interview is. Here is how to get the most out of

Overcoming Interview Nerves– Lots of people get nervous at interviews. Employers understand that. But you still want to keep those nerves in check so you can give
your best performance at your interview. Here are some tips.

Tips for an Impressionable Interview – Interviews are all about making the right impression, so we take a look at some tips on how you can leave
behind a good one.

Interview Dont’s! – Follow our career advice on what you should avoid if you want to have a successful interview.

Struggling to Build the Interview Skills to Stand Out? – Perhaps you’ve sent off lots of CVs or had several interviews but you’re still struggling to make that impact. Here we take a look at some additional advice to tackle the secret to standing out.

How to Ask for a Job– Very few interviewees know how to ask for the job – there is a right way and a wrong way. Here is our advice.