Why your career plan is key to its success

why planning your career is key to its success

Do you have a career action plan? If not you should do.

Your career plan should be written down on paper, not just stored somewhere in the back of your mind. Creating a plan increases the chances of it becoming a reality. It shows you mean business.

There are two main reasons for this. The first is that the act of writing things down moves them further into your conscious mind. Secondly, your subconscious mind will begin helping you to find ways to bring your ideas to reality.

So what should your road map to success include? Where do you start?

Making the right choice for your career plan

First of all you need to decide on a destination. Where do you want to go in your career? What do you want to do? You need a clear vision or picture of the type of work you see yourself doing. It may help if you can come up with an aim, something you want to achieve perhaps. For example, you want to help eliminate poverty, you want to teach science or to build a successful business.

Once you have decided on your career destination you can then begin thinking about the route you need to take to get there. Where do you need to start? Can you piece together the steps required to reach your destination?

Seeking  advice on career planning

If you are unsure you may find it helpful to seek career help by talking to a career advisor. A career coach, mentor or counsellor will have insights into how best to plan for a career and can give you advice on choosing the career route that is best.

Do you need an internship?

If you don’t have the right skills and experience for the job you want, you may need to include steps to finding an internship in your plan. An internship will help you develop the knowledge you need to get started in your chosen career. (Graduate Coach can help with finding an internship in London.)

You might wish to include interview skills training to help you sharpen your skills at getting a good internship or job.

You career development plan should also include the right reading materials and sources of information to ensure you remain at the cutting edge of the industry. Research and list the trade magazines, social networks and professional circles you need to know about.

Milestones for your career plan

Set yourself milestones along the route so you know you are making progress. These could include, for an example, how to find an internship (if you need to), enroll on an interview training course, increase knowledge of brands, learn about SEO. Make your landmarks specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound.

Keep in mind a realistic sense of the time it will take for you to get where you are going. Some parts of your journey may take a few months while others will take a few years.

The purpose of your career plan is to keep you focused and to help you put into place whatever you need to move your career forward. Remember, however, that all plans are subject to change due to inconveniences, delays, and other situations beyond our control. Anticipate them and adjust accordingly.

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