Where to find good career advice

where to find good career advice

If you’re feeling anxious about finding the career advice you need to move on in your career, don’t be. It really isn’t that difficult to find the career help you need if you know where to look, and there are a variety of places you may not have thought of.

Here are some sources of career advice you could try:

College or university tutor

Your lecturer may not be only a great teacher but also a great source of information about getting into the career area of your choice. Many teachers and tutors have come into the job from working in the field so make use of their knowledge and contacts. And even if your tutor can’t help he or she may have a colleague at the college or university who can.

Family and friends

We often forget about the people who are closest to us and overlook the fact that they can be a wealth of great career advice. Sit down and list all the people who you know that may be able to help. If in doubt you should still ask: your Uncle Bert may know a friend of a friend with just the right skills to act as a career coach.

A career adviser

Of course, the most common source of help for careers advice is a careers advisor. Lots of the government funded services in this area have been reduced or closed down due to funding cuts but you can still find some advice connected to your local job centre or information service. Most colleges and universities have a careers adviser on hand to help students with help ranging from interview skills training to finding an internship.

Career fairs

These are a great source of help particularly if they are run especially for people at your career stage. Some fairs focus exclusively on a particular industry or field. A careers fair aimed at graduates will often have career advice clinics and workshops running in the background where you can find help with deciding on a career, creating a good CV and interview skills training.

People who work in the job

If you know anyone who works in the area you want to get into, they will be an invaluable source of career advice. People like talking about their jobs, especially if they enjoy it, so often will be happy to answer your questions. Don’t rule out speaking to a solicitor even if you want to become an accountant: some job positions have links to other professions, for example, restaurants, health services and hotels often have links with one another, and every business owner has a link to an accountant.

Social networks

The growth of social networks have opened up another great source of help for people looking to get started in their career. You can find and join networks set up for new entrants into an industry as well as those that are aimed at people already working in their chosen careers. These forums are great for finding out more about the kind of challenges that arise in the industry, how people solve them and what people are talking about.

Trade magazines

These are a great source of career advice on specialist areas and can provide very good insights into upcoming trends, skills and job opportunities available in any chosen field. Magazines will often cover interviews with people who have done well in their careers, sharing how they got into it and tips they would pass on to those looking to start out. No matter what area you want to get into there will be a trade or specialist media available that covers it.

Online articles

There is a wealth of information that can be found online through websites dedicated to providing you with career advice. A simple search using an engine like Google or MSN will pull up articles covering every conceivable topic from job training courses to finding an internship in London.

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