Career advice for graduates: what does it cover?

Career advice covers a wide range of areas so it helps to know what you really need before you start seeking for it. This is where career advice for graduates can help. It will make it easier for you to find the right type of career help and advice to move forward.

So, what is career advice?

Career advice is any information that helps you get started on or to develop your career. Graduates tend to seek career help because they are unsure what career is right for them or because they know what they want to do but are unsure of where to start.

Good career advice will help you to explore the options open to you by asking you questions and providing answers, including answers to questions you didn’t ask but which the career adviser knows may be helpful to you!

Career advice for graduates can help you to

Decide on a career path

Providing the information needed to help with choosing a career, career entry options and the type of jobs roles available in your chosen area

Move your career forward

How to move up the ladder in your career, how to acquire the skills needed to improve at your job or how to make the transition to another career

Find an internship

How do you get the experience you need to get your first job? One answer is to find an internship, and a career advisor can help to point you in the right direction

Write better CV and cover letters

This would cover helping you to create a CV that includes all the right information for someone seeking to follow your chosen career, as well as how to write a matching attention-grabbing cover letter

Search for a job

This would focus on helping you to acquire the skill to organize yourself to find and apply for jobs, including where to look and how to apply

Access job interview coaching

Career advice that helps you with job interview skills may cover actual preparation for the job, questions to ask at an interview and how to answer interview questions effectively and confidently

Develop your presentation skills

Many employers ask candidates to do a presentation as part of their application and career advice in this area can help you improve your ability to communicate your ideas with clarity and impact

The best career advice for graduates will help you look around and beyond what you have considered. It will try to provide you with the full facts required to make the right decision. There is nothing worse than starting off in a career direction only to find half way down the road that it isn’t quite where you want to go.

Career advice can help you decide not only on a career direction but also on the type of job you may be best suited to in that area. For example, not everyone who loves to work in the media wants to be a news presenter – there are also gadget loving camera men, IT loving computer technicians, people who are good with numbers working in accounts or analyzing television viewing figures, and camera shy researchers responsible for gathering information and setting up interviews for the nine o clock news. All wanting to work in media!

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